20 moa scope base

  1. 360Precision

    360 Precision Remington 700 7mm Rem Mag

    360 Precision custom shop produced this Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag: AG Composites Visigoth Stock, Carbon Urban Camo, Rem 700 Inlet, Right Hand, Hawkins M5 DBM Remington 700 Long Action Blueprint and true Remington 700 Long Action Chamber Thread rifle bolt so knob can be added to the action...
  2. lilharcher

    SOLD/EXPIRED Seekins 20 MOA Base for R700 S/A

    Like new Seekins 20 MOA Scope Base for R700 S/A (+ clones). Standard screws (4) included. Retail is $109, will sell for $80 (dropped to $75) shipped to your door! Thx!