1. IdahoHunter208

    Recent 28 Nosler Proven Load Data

    I just have a custom 28 Nosler built and was wanting to pick everyone brain a bit. I’ve read a ton of other threads on LRH as well as other forums but haven’t seen any super recent data with proven results. I know @rpierce has had a ton of experience and I have chatted with him a bit. Let me...
  2. Canhunter35

    180eldm in 7mm rem mag load suggestions

    Currently have a vanguard getting rebarrelled with an 8twist proof. Going to change bottom metal to open the mag up to 3.7” Just waiting on 180eldms and brass to come in so I can make up a dummy round and get it to my smith. I’m thinking of using h1000. Anyone have any experience with the...