156 berger

  1. A

    Berger 156 EOL elite hunter G7 BC question

    I have a 6.5PRC shooting the Berger 156 @ 2970fps with sub 1/2'' @ 100yrds. Im using the SIG KILO2200BDX as my go to ballistics data for MOA adjustments. I have Strelok as a backup. My question, what is the true B.C. for this bullet? What would you enter into the data for the B.C. of this...
  2. usherjr208

    .260 AI 156 Berger

    Hi all, New to the forum and new to loading so be as harsh as needed! I recently acquired a .260 AI, it has a 26” Bbl and is a CZ550. I have been fire forming Hornady .260 rounds and recently gathered what I need for reloading to the 156 Bergers EDL Elite Hunters using H4350. My buddy, a...
  3. TriggerTime426

    Nice thick MO buck, with 156 berger performance

    Shot a beautiful 10 point MO whitetail on public land during firearm season. Shot him with a 6.5-06 custom remington 700 with the 156 berger at 170yds bullets goin 2830fps. Shot him walking parallel from me on the other side of a ravine bottom. Put it on his shoulder anticipating walking speed...