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    I Need help finding brass for 6.5 rem mag that I'm building

    I have rebarreled 2 long action belted magnums to 6.5 rem mag. 1 for me with a 26" Douglas 1/8 and one for a friend with a 26" Shilen 1/9 The advantage to the long action is that you can seat those long 6.5 bullets way out there and not intrude on your case volume My load using RL17 is...
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    I Need help finding brass for 6.5 rem mag that I'm building

    You can also form from 7mag or 338 mag brass with the right dies (click on the chart to expand) I haven't had to do that yet since I still have plenty 6.5 rem mag a great cartridge
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    Need neck thickness

    Your question Dusty's answer to your question is consistent with my answers. Essentially I outside turn new cases and only have to do that once. Same for the FL die sans expander, turn new cases once Now there is one time that I use the outside turner on once fired cases in conjunction...
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    Need neck thickness

    If you do a complete turn, IOW take off brass all the way around and not just hit the high spots, there are no more irregularities Of course as with any process, it is hard to get a perfect turn. I would estimate that you can get the neck thickness to +-.0005", but that is small enough not...
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    Need neck thickness

    It is also possible to take your FL die and remove the expander, then turn the necks down to give you the bullet grip you want Example: (I don't have any FL dies anymore so operating from memory) Loaded for a friend's 300 Wtby and in order to use his FL die I removed the expander and IIRC the...
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    Need neck thickness

    There are lots of ways and different equipment to turn necks so I'm just showing what I use A Ball Micrometer with a hands free stand Forster Hot 100 hand turner, has smooth turning mandrel and inside reamers It has a wide blade for a smooth cut (unlike the K&M) whether skimming the high...
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    Inertia puller?

    Another copy/paste to the Mikecr page
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    AOL question

    There are 2 kinds of Hornady comparators, one for the bullet (bullet comparator) and one for the case (headspace gauge). The one I referenced is for measuring from the case head to a point halfway between the neck and case body along the shoulder and is the case compator
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    AOL question

    In this scenario, YES There will be variation between your Hornady modified case and the cases fired in your rifle regarding the measurement from the case head to the middle of the shoulder. IOW the modified case is smaller than your fire formed case To measure this you will need what Hornady...
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    22-250 Brass Diameter

    My new Lapua measures .466" also Once fired .4665"
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    Lee collet dies

    My preferred set of dies Lee Collet Redding Body Die Competition Seater with micrometer (Redding, RCBS, Forster) Lee Factory Crimp Die The Lee Collet sizes the neck by squeezing the neck brass between the collets and a steel mandrel. Once the brass has been pressed onto the mandrel, it does...
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    .280 AI controversy explained ...

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    Inside or Outside

    I have the ability to substitute the Forster reamer for the inside turning mandrel and outside turn and ream at the same time That being said, I much prefer to outside neck turn only because inside reaming really boogers up the inside of the neck You should outside turn new brass and turn...
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    300 Win Mag Headspace

    Every rifle has an individual headspace and every lot of brass can (and usually does) have a slightly different headspace. Knowing someone else's dimensions will not be definitive for you. On 300 Win Mag best to fire 3 or 4 times until your fired/unsized brass gets a slight crush fit in your...
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    Belted Magnum Head Spacing

    IMO, no The reason is that the shoulder has not moved all the way to contact with the chamber so the belted case will headspace on the belt when the case moves all the way forward during firing and there will still be a gap between the case shoulder and the chamber shoulder For example I...