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    For Sale Schneider AR10 6mm blank with extras

    Does it have the gas port? Reason I ask, wouldn't that be an issue turning it into a bolt gun barrel. Just trying to learn at least one thing everyday.
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    DONE!!! 5 less coyote around my property. 2 never made it out of the culvert. 3 hot blasted just out of the culvert. 12 guage at clos4 range does wonders.
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    This is why I whack coyotes.

    Whats evweyones opinion on killing young (puppy size) coyote? I have a littwr of 5 living in a culvert on my property. I do have chickens, havent had any go missing yet, but am worried that if I let the coyote population go unchecked, I will have a problem. I do shoot adult ones.
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    Recommendations for gunsmith to do a bedding job?

    I have a mutual friend of Chad's of LRI and have seen work sone by LRI. IMPRESSIVE. Just a little out of my budget now, maybe someday. But from what my buddy explained to me of LRI's bedsing service, is even if your stock is already inlwtted, they will fill it all and start feom scratch...
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    Rechamber a 6.5creed to .260AI?

    Thanks for all the great info. I ended up getting a stainless Tikka Lite in 6.5 Creed (online retailer was running too good a deal on them a few months back not to get one-I paid $482). Just have to wait for the snow to melt now.
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    Sucker for 6.5s

    First centerfold rifle I shot (and learned how to shoot, besides a Marlin 60 .22) was a Mauser 96 Swede. My father always had a Swede as far as I can remember. Myself, I'm a Grendel and .260 Rem. fanboy. (But my favorite is the 7 SAUM). But hoping to build a 6.5 PRC next summer.
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    Can one not own a Sherman and still join the forum? Looking into rebarrwlong a rifle in the near future and would like to get the most info one can, and it sewms like that pagw would be a grwat place.
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    Use your wifes Facebook account, she especially LOVES it when I hit the like button on there.
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    Savage models

    I dont believe they are all the same. They have right bolt-left eject, right bolt-right eject, some have the top of receiver solid, some are open (check out post #9 by Feenix second pic), etc.
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    How many guys single feed?

    If trusting his life on the 5 shot .44, I would guess its the S&W model 69. I single feed my .300 RUM. I have an ammo carrier on the stock and van feed them pretty quickly. One can actually load single rounds in pretty quickly, if you practice. My first time hunting whitetail, I sinfle get an...
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    Removing lettering on savage action

    You take the lipstick off of Hillary, it's still a pig. Take the lettering off, it's still going to be a savage. Lol
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    My Son-in-laws Christmas Present

    Good for you, hopefully your SIL appreciates it. My daughter got married just over a year ago, and for my SIL's bday I bought a Tikka T3x Lite in .300 Win. His bday is in June, I bought it in January, it was a pain in the arse to keep him from buying his own. Every time he would go to...
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    Best repeatable optics under 1k

    +1 on buying used. I've bought some really nice optics off of classifieds on here. Including a killer deal on a couple Leupolds that have been great. What made you lose confidence in Leupold?
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    What rifle to get.

    Hats off to you. My buddies brother is a quadrapalegic and has a system that you described. I would assume weight of the rifle isnt an issue to you. I would look onto a heavier rifle, that way it wont recoil so much. Heres one to check out...

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