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    30 Nosler Reloads

    Never tried it in mine
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    30 Nosler Reloads

    H1000 with 215 hybrids shoots lights out with my 30 Nosler
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    Proof Research SS 7mm barrel blank

    Do you know what the muzzle dia. is?
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    Might try 210M primers, they worked wonders for me in both 300 WM and 30 Nosler as far as a more consistent velocity and low ES
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    New 300 WM —How to find “THE”bullet

    Didn't think there was a better combo for the 30 cal magnums other than the 215 Hybrid and H-1000. I've personally used it in both 300 WM and 30 Nosler with outstanding results. 1 shot DRT on both a bear and a bull elk. I won't try any other combo.
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    Separate die to de prime and titanium bushings

    I believe that the titanium bushing might not need any lube if you are making a necked down cartridge from what I've heard, however I use mainly steel bushings and seem to have good results with them as I'm not a competitive shooter. And getting a few different sized bushings a couple...
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    WTS: Bartlein Barrel 7mm Mag - 28 inch, Price Reduced

    Looks very promising.
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    WTS: Bartlein Barrel 7mm Mag - 28 inch, Price Reduced

    You have any pics of targets from your load development that show signs of promising results? And how would the 180 Hybrids fit in out compared to the 195's?
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    Stock Replacement

    Check out Red Hawk Rifles, they have tons of opotions available on-hand in McMillan and HS.
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    Which 6.5 bullet for elk?

    Starting to get supplies gathered to start loading for my 6.5x284. Trying to figure out what bullet to start with for developing a good elk/mulie load. Was narrowing it down to either the 142g ELD-X or the 140g Berger Hybrid. Am a little partial to the Berger after shooting a back bear this...
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    30 Nosler help

    I've been using WLRM primers, trying seating depths between touch to .020 off. Speed has been around 3020 - 3050. Up in the air as to which is the best choice for a hunting bullet, so any suggestions or experience is appreciated. I'll try some Fed 215 primers, have 100 of the match and a...
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    30 Nosler help

    I have a 30 Nosler on a Stiller Predator with a Proof barrel and SHV scope on it all sitting in a McMillan bedded stock. I've been trying 215 Hybrids, 212 ELD-X, and 200 ELD-X with Retumbo and H1000. Best groups are around .75 and maybe .5 at best a couple times. About 50 rounds shot through...
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    Action help

    Also might take a look at Redhawk Rifles, they usually have a couple different brands on hand.
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    help with barrel, new build on the way

    Look up Red Hawk Rifles, they have some great prices on barrels, and make sure to look in their clearance section. They are great with answering questions as well if you call them or email. Good luck.
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    What bullet for new build?

    FEENIX, I am also at altitude in Western Colorado. Are the 215's the hybrid or the VLD hunting?

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