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    Sleeping in a hammock

    tree needs to be at least 3-4 inches thick. do not hang your suspension from branches. here's what it looks like -
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    8133 or retumbo

    Could also try RL-33 works great in 338 edge, I'm sure it'd be a solid powder in 300 rum as well
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    How come no forum for moose hunting?

    **** what would you even use to down a moose at LR? snipetac/cheytac/50bmg?
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    North American Fires

    Sure seems like we have an arson problem, not so much a wildfire problem, california had that serial arsonist running around too. and then we had the dumb **** burn down most of the columbia gorge here in oregon cause he just wanted to have some lol's with fire crackers in the middle of the dry...
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    130 gr. 6.5 Gamechanger Recall

    I'm pretty sure you would crush the shoulder trying to seat a 277 in a .264 case. you should already have a few thousandths of neck tension with the .264 bullet. I've crushed shoulders with .005 neck tension.
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    270 loads?

    Maybe your batch of h4831 is a little slow? Are you finding pressure at your current node? might try working up to pressure and see if there is another accuracy node up higher. My favorite load in 270win is 150ablr over 60.5 grains of IMR 7977, its doing ~3050fps out of a 24 inch barrel with...
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    Which guided elk hunt for 2019?

    Check out the Oregon Minam unit hunts, there's quite a few guide outfits that guide with horse trains up there and Minam should be a near guaranteed draw with out any points required (it is for residents that's for sure) First season has better weather, but the elk are typically much deeper in...
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    New Sleeping Bag

    I'd second using a quilt. really helps me out as a hot sleeper to be able to throw a side open and vent with out dicking with a zipper or having that cold *** zipper touch me while trying to sleep. hammockgear econ quilts are a pretty good value, Also sierra designs had some good quilt. i...
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    7mm wsm brass makers?

    Bertram is excellent stuff and very tough, but normal is a little rough, make sure to chamfer and deburr before loading, every case I've ever had from them had a slight bur on the inside of the neck.
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    Sleeping in a hammock

    Mike You'd be amazed at what trees you can hang off of.
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    Sleeping in a hammock

    It's really not something to get into to cut weight, it's more of a quality of life thing for me. I much prefer sleeping in a hammock vs sleeping in a tent on a pad. Now if you don't buy a nice UL tent then yeah hammocks are probably lighter, but the cost of gear for a hammock is about the same...
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    Sleeping in a hammock

    I Hammocked while hunting some pretty steep terrain last year. IMO it's not any lighter than a good ultra light tent and sleeping pad. You have to factor in the weight of the suspension for the hammock, the weight of your top quilt or sleeping bag (a top quilt is lighter than a sleeping bag)...
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    26-06 Browning what could I turn it into?

    Lol blackjack bullets is cool and all, but no way I'd build a gun around just 1 boutique bullet.
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    Nikon blackx 4k rangefinder

    Heck I'd be fine even if there was a significant weight increase to add adjustable or higher power optics, I doubt any one is trying to get an accurate reading on deer at 2500 yards, so the weight of a model like that really wouldn't matter