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  • Hi iceman I think the vortex viper pst scopes are the best way to go if you would rather not spend over 2 grand for a night force. I went to the range the other day and sighted in my new Savage hs I shot 6 times two 3 shot groups on same point of aim at 200 yards just under 1.5 inch. This older guy was a 600 yd bench shooter was watching me and giving pointers. I had 3 rounds left and asked him if he would like to give it a go he sent them into a group you could cover with a quarter. so the gun and scope will do better than I can for now.
    Hey Ron I'm new to the forum and I noticed in a post reply you said you have a savage 338 you were putting a vortex on. I just got a savage in the same cal. I'm needing a good spotting scope first and then I was looking at putting on a nightforce but after thinking about it and reading some on the vortex I think I might go that route. Have you got the scope on the gun yet and how does it look and shoot? Any pics of the scope on the gun?
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