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    DANG! Hunt Now Off

    You keep hammering Muddyboots, gives us all insperation!!!!
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    Longrangish Hammer bullet shots

    Great work, THANK YOU, No one could ask for a finer test!!!
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    Minus33 wool clothes any experience?

    Wiggys fishnets, you'll never use anything else!!
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    Sleeping bag decision

    check out Wiggys, made in Grand Junction Co. VERY GOOD used these products for years. Down clumps when washed, Wiggys insulation DOES NOT, light weight ,YKK zippers , guaranteed!!
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    Just A Friendly Public Service Announcement

    Lots of knowledge going to waste here!!!
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    Just A Friendly Public Service Announcement

    Reference the movie Cool Hand Luke when Struther Martin aka "the Warden"said "What we have here is failure to communicate, some men you just can't reach."
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    Sleeping bag options

    Go Wiggys, In my experience, the best cold weather gear made. Wiggys rating is ACTUAL temp. Also check out Wiggys leg jackets, the best **** idea for cold weather walking/horse back hunting.
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    Welcome from Wyoming!!!!!
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    H&K 770 re-barrel

    I need info on a smith who can re-barrel a H&K model 770. Cutting the flutes on the chamber seems to be the most difficult part of this job.All help is appreciated. .
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    Montana/Wyoming trip

    DEFINITELY make reservations, if you fly into Bozeman, go west to Deer Lodge, absolutely amazing car museum!!!
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    Really didn't want to share.

    I have been reloading for at least 48 years and STILL make STUPID mistakes, concentrate, check and re-check. Glad it didn't go the other way. Reloading is a NEVER ENDING learning experience. Like nding I only shoot 1 rifle at a time, then clear everything.
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    300 Win Mag Brass and Dies

    Are the dies still available?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Budget 308 win

    You might take a look at Mossberg Patriot, they are in your price range. I don't have any personal experience with their products but I wouldn't be scared to try one.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtt Proof 6.5 creed and NX8

    Very IMPRESSIVE!!!!!!
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    Spring Field Armory 2020, anyone use one?

    As far as hunting out west, #1 get your preference pts acquired NOW #2- JUST GO!!!!