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    Wsm rifle

    Hi. 300 wsm brass is no problem to buy in Sweden😃 NO shortage at all. Most likely a distributor problem in US.
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    Labradar chrono

    Thanks for your advices. Went to the range today and got it all sorted. I made a wrong selection to start with . Selected doppler for some reason unknowwn to myself:) Change that to trigger. Then i had my barrel muzzle to far in front of the unit. Once these two misstakes were corrected...
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    300 wsm 1000 yrd reloading data

    Hi . I am running 215 bergers in a long action , getting 865 M/S in 26 " barrel. Load is 67.3 gr Norma MRP 215 federals , coal at 3.15", this is with a jump of 1,1 mm and get's 0.76 moa at 1000yrds. Works grate.
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    Labradar chrono

    Hi. I just revieved my Labradar earlier this week . Went to the range today to test it. Was unable to get any readings at ALL. Yes , i have read the manual to the letter , set it up properly according to the manual and I have new batteries and an external power source hooked up to it ...
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    300WSM question

    Hi Winmag. Good to read this . Iam having a 300wsm put together with almost the same specs as yours. Will be using a Schultz&Larsen Clasic DL long action with barrel change system , Long actiion, Schultz&Larsen 26" barrels with 10 twist, these are cut barrels and then polished. 1 300WSM...
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    New member from south Sweden

    Hi. Just joined before the holidays. Been hunting on and off since -94. Had a rest for 10 yrs and got back into hunting 4-5 yrs ago. During the last year i have developed an interest for long range shooting and hunting. Started to hand load some 6 month ago and of course this takes you...