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    Need help with a new Crossbow purchase

    I had a Bowtech 380 for exactly 1 day and it blew up in my hand... well the shaft of the bolt shattered and I got carbon splinters in the neck and hand and the cams were broken.... took it back to the bow shop I got it from... they were to return it to Bowtech and after a couple weeks of...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Browning a-bolt slug gun

    Guys, I can't attest for the condition of the A-Bolt listed, but that is a very good price for a Browning A-Bolt slug gun. The older A-Bolts were selling used for $1300 and up a few years ago.. I just bought a new one when they came back out and they were going for $1100... that is without...
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    Mild 25-06 Load for Youth

    Thanks Elkriver, PM sent.... I appreciated your help. TheMoose
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    Mild 25-06 Load for Youth

    RT2506, Thanks a bunch for the great info... sounds like Grandpa did ok for the first rifle... Greatly appreciated your sharing... TheMoose
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    Mild 25-06 Load for Youth

    Thanks DocDoc, He has been shooting BB guns for about 4 years and graduated to 22 a few years ago...feeling comfortable with it now.. so I thought it was time to step it up a notch... thanks for your load suggestions.
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    Mild 25-06 Load for Youth

    I Know that the 25-06 is not a long-range cartridge, but I bought my grandson his first centerfire rifle chambered in it to introduce him to reloading and shooting.. he is small in stature for a 12 year old, and I am in the process of measuring and planning on cutting down the factory stock and...
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    Muzzle Brake on A-Bolt II 300 WM?

    Much appreciated TexasJohn, RedLion is within reasonable driving distance.. Never thought about a clamp-on unit. Be glad when the snow melts and I can get some range time... maybe a good thing to see how well the new rifle(&me) do on paper before making a major change... but this gives me a...
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    Anyone from pa

    I live in Newburg, Pa...just getting into shooting @ longer ranges... don't hunt here during buck season as I am in Indiana and Ohio... and have no place here other than state land to hunt.
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    Muzzle Brake on A-Bolt II 300 WM?

    Feenix, Thanks for the response... I had tried search before and was somewhat overwhelmed with the threads to review... maybe I didn't refine enough.. used A-Bolt Brake... got 235 threads... read a lot and did learn some things.. Thanks.. Montour county is a poke from here... but on his...
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    Muzzle Brake on A-Bolt II 300 WM?

    I came home from a LGS this weekend with a very lightly used Browning A-Bolt II Medallion chambered in 300 Win. Mag. It is almost too pretty to shoot, I have always opted for less fancy, but this one looked sweet and I was looking to buy my first .300 WM... I'm an old geezer(66) and looking to...
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    Glass Bedding

    Ycreek, I purchased an A-Bolt last year to retire a very well used 11-87... I hunt both Indiana and Ohio for whitetail... I also cast and reload slugs and have shot literally over a thousand that I have made... You made a good choice in the A-Bolt...I think some of the points made about the...
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    Any Experience With Zastava M808

    I'm going thru a process of reviewing rifles for my entry into longer range shooting/hunting and am trying to find someone who has firsthand experience with Zastava M808 rifles... they appear to be similar to CZ 550 Ultimate hunter rifles without the polish and for a lot less money. I am...
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    6MM Rem. in Remington 700 VLS

    I was just given what appears to be an almost new Remington 700 VLS chambered in 6MM Remington..Does anyone have experience with a similar unit.. I'm interested in learning what bullet/powders combinations that you found it liked... twist is 1 in 9". Only info I got with it was that it liked 95...