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  • hey 405win,
    im on my elk hunt right now and haven't had a chance to use the 106 gr. barnes triples yet. I made the mistake of allowing cabelas mount my scope (cause it was free and I guess i was feeling lazy that day) this year and ended up wasting a box of that ammo. So while at the range I was forced to sight in with the ammo that I purchased for breaking in my rifle (the cheapest stuff that you can get at walmart). So I ended up shooting my 4 point muley with those rounds. Hopefully Ill get an elk on this trip though. I guess that means I should get my butt out of this coffee shop!
    Hi Hunt Guy, how has your hunting season going? Our first week is over and Berger bullets have not disappointed me so far. I took a nice antelope at just over 300 yards and he looked as though a bomb went off inside.
    I also took a young cow elk at 468 yards and the bullet penetraded well being found under the hide on the off side. Recovered bullet weight 80.4 grains or 70% of its original 115 grains.
    Let me know how you faired and how your bullets performed.
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