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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest"
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    Give Away Contest - 2 Nikon Prostaff 4-12x40 Rifle Scopes

    Enter Me In The Nikon Scope Contest
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    No Cougars in the eastern US total BS

    I thought the article read as no Eastern Cougars ( a sub species) left in the U.S.
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    An airplane was about to crash; there were 5 passengers on board, but only 4 parachutes. The first passenger said, “I am Carl Rove, the chosen one to lead the Party! The world needs me, I can’t afford to die.” So he took the first pack and left the plane. The second passenger, Sarah...
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    6.5 WSM dies

    I honestly don't know if they are pacesetter or not.The resizing die is marked Lee 6.5wsm-j3 and the seating die is Lee 6.5 wsm-14.My rifle is a Ruger No 1 with a Ron Smith gain twist barrel 1:7.5 inch twist.I mainly use it for hunting mule deer in the coulies.It has a 20 minute rail and...
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    6.5 WSM dies

    When we ordered the reamer to get the chambers cut Lee already had the dies in stock.Loaded about 7 lbs of powder so far everything works great
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    6.9 is 69 interrupted by a period.
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    Plant a Pig

    Plant a pig Please donate to your local "Plant A Pig Foundation" today. Not tax deductible, but well worth the effort. In Spain , at Seville some local people found a way to stop the construction of another mosque in their town. They buried a pig on the site, making sure this would...
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    Minox Riflescope Give Away Contest From Cameraland

    "Enter Me In The Minox/Cameraland Contest"
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    Nikon Omega and Coyote Special Rifle Scopes Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In The Nikon Rifle Scope Contest"
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    US Optics $2500 Rifle Scope Give Away Contest

    "Enter Me In US Optics Rifle Scope Contest" __________________
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    Cattle Guards(The pipes across the road to keep the cows in0

    A few months ago, President Obama received and was reading a report that there were over 100,000 cattle guards in Colorado. Colorado ranchers had protested his proposed changes in grazing policies, so he ordered the Secretary of the Interior to fire half of the "cattle" guards immediately...
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    Wheelchair Ethel

    f you don't laugh at this one, your dead! Ethel was a bit of a demon in her wheelchair, and loved to charge around the nursing home, taking corners on one wheel and getting up to maximum speed on the long corridors. Because the poor woman was one sandwich short of a picnic the other...
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    Cameraland Give Away - $700 Olympus E-P1 Camera

    "Enter Me In The Olympus/Cameraland Contest".
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    Grandpas Revenge

    I.R.S. Audits Grandpa The I.R.S. decides to audit Grandpa, and summons him to the I.R.S. office. The I.R.S. auditor was not surprised when Grandpa showed up with his attorney. The auditor said, 'Well, sir, you have an extravagant lifestyle and no full-time employment...