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    22-250 for deer?

    I have had tremendous success on deer with this caliber shooting both 55 grain ttsx Barnes bullets and the misled partition 62grain bullet. I think your slow twist barrel will still stabilize the 62 grain pills.
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    168 grain Berger VLD-H performance?

    I have used this bullet out of a Lila barreled Rem 700 for many years. The only one shot kill on an elk that I have had was using this very bullet. I am a huge fan. I also appreciate that this bullet has reduced the ruined meat component significantly.
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    7 mm magun and 168 berger bullet

    I have used reloaded 25 quite a bit when roadin Berger 168’s. I was able to achieve sub Moa loads pretty easily. I can give you load specifics if you like.
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    7 mm magun and 168 berger bullet

    I have shot 168 berger’s exclusively out of a 28” Lilja barreled Remington for over 12 years. Using reloaded 22 I have been able to easily obtain 3050 FPS. Groups are always sub MOA when I do my part. This bullet out of my 7mm has been nothing short of devastating. I hate waste created by poor...