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    7mm-08 questions I need thoughts new to reloading

    An in between weight to try out would be the 150 ELD-X. A step up from the 140's and a bit less recoil than the 162's. That's what I'm using in my 7mm-08 at this point in time. My kids also use this gun.
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    Concerns 7 year old powder?

    Probably one of the safest places to store it where it won't get stolen. 😂
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    Cooling a barrel 🤔

    I did the air mattress blower also. Helps for around 10 months of the year. That CO2 system looks pretty sweet too. Nitrogen would also work for that purpose as well.
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    7-08 Help

    Sounds good. I've got several depths loaded up with 46 grains with Fed 210 primers. Starting at 2.926" OAL back down to 2.866" OAL. In Winchester brass.
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    7-08 Help

    How many grains did you end up with? I've got the same combination that I'm going to try out, if it works well this could be a really good overall setup.
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    Carbon ring on belted mag

    Any update on this?
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    Bergara Premier Highlander vs Christensen Arms Mesa

    Love my Christensen in 7 Rem Mag, but it's a Ridgeline. Shoots bugholes with 175 ELD-X and Berger EH's.
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    Do all rifle???

    For only one gun 7mm Rem Mag is my first choice. Second choice is a 270 Win or 7mm-08.
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    Postal match

    Feenix, what the heck you talking about mate? Lol. Gator is talking about rules he wants to set up for the Postal match, not changing site rules. He was asked why it has to be emailed rules and he said ok, I'll post up some rules here. Post away, get this back on track.
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    Powder Question for 7mm Mag

    What are you running with the 175's? If you are. I've got some Re23 and Re26 to try with the ELD-X and Elite Hunters.
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    Another which cartridges thread

    The Creed will actually make your hair grow back! I'm another 7mm-08 proponent. Put a break/brake on it and it's a dream to shoot, I'm building one for my kids right now. Load it up with the light bullets until you are comfortable and know things are going to be good, then load it up with the...
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    500-800 yd elk rifle

    Yes, I agree. But there is nothing more exciting than calling in an elk when the opportunity presents itself.
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    500-800 yd elk rifle

    This is long range hunting, but if I'm 500 yards out and I'm given the option to move A) 200 yards closer to take the shot or B) 200 yards farther away to take the shot, I'm going to pick A every time.
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    What brand Chrono to get?

    That's a very nice setup you have. That takes care of any point of impact change, probably the best setup I've seen.
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    Hello, New Here

    We drove through Kingman last Christmas on a road trip from British Columbia Canada to Yuma. Beautiful road trip there and back.