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    Reloading dies. 338/06, 22-250ai, 6.5 grendel

    Grendel dies and brass are SPF
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    Reloading dies. 338/06, 22-250ai, 6.5 grendel

    22-250 AI: Set of dies. Lists for 110 plus shipping. $80 shipped OBO 338-06: $85 shipped OBO 6.5 Grendel 40 shipped Plus I have 100 New PPU brass I want to sell with it or separate.
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    7mm 168grn Nosler Long Range AB

    Have 2 boxes of Nosler LRAB. One is sealed the other is open might be 1or 2 gone but don’t want to finger them all to count. midway has them for 81 a box. 150 shipped
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    25 cal 100grn Nosler Partition

    I have a box of Nosler Partiotions. Midway has them for 51 plus shipping $50 shipped
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    175 Nosler partitions

    I have 2 sealed boxes of 175 grn Nosler Partitions. Midway has them listed for $60.99 plus shipping. They are sealed but the box is sun faded from my window in my gun room (being 100% transparent). $120 shipped
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    4 big game animals in 2.5 days with a revolver

    I hope you didn't take this as I was questioning you. I have never seen one of these till this post. And I noticed that he used Redhawk "Actions" and how popular they are for strength. I know very little to nothing about gp-100's. I was just trying to pick your brain. Because I want one and you...
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    4 big game animals in 2.5 days with a revolver

    Great looking pistol! I have a few questions on this, why the g-100 over the Redhawk frame? And if you were to do it over again would you do the 357 mag or a 41 or 44 mag?? Just looking for some insight I'm like these a lot! :)
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    Diablo custom rifles?

    I owned a rifle that was built by him. talk about a shooter and nice fit and finish. Wouldn't hesitate to have him build me a top notch rifle.
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    proof research barrels

    I believe that Magnum Research does also if i remember correctly :rolleyes:
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    28 nosler xp-100

    WOW! Beautiful, looks good think it is going to be a shooter.... gun)
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    New shotgun!

    Your last sentence is the reason I would buy the 3 1/2"!!!!! I just like to have options :D
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    New shotgun!

    I think that the new browning a-5 with the 3 1/2" is next for me when I get the coin for it! I shouldered and felt every gun in Cabelas and that one had the best feel and most natural point of aim. Just right there every time! The only down side I have read is with the real loads (3 1/2") the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Couple different mounts for a T/C contender

    still for sale make offer!!!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338x378 weatherby dies

    Still up for sale!! need to move!
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 338x378 weatherby dies

    Still for sale!!