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    10 mm backup

    I personally prefer my 5.25" XDM over my G20, but purely on feel and aesthetics grounds. When the G20 was all I had to carry at the time in bear country, I did not feel the least bit under gunned. Reliability on both with heavy loads (actually, with any loads) has been 100%. OP, you have...
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    Keeping Rem 700 Bolt Closed

    I've never had a 700 bolt come open unintentionally, but I can see it could happen under the right circumstances. I do find myself unconsciously checking it on occasion. I've known PH's in Africa who carried their rifle (not 700's) with the safety off and the bolt intentionally raised just...
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    LabRadar dimensions ?

    I use this exact case, and it works great. You'll be happy with it.
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    Rifle for Cape Buffalo

    I used an RSM in 458 Lott for my 1 buffalo in Zim. Topped it with a Swaro Z6i 1-6x, and was happy to have the illumination. Swapped the factory AR500 recoil pad for a LimbSaver. Used that one rifle on everything that trip, shooting TSXs. Worked awesome! I'm pretty sure the factory stock was...
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    Nomad LT?

    Thanks for the heads-up! I bought a black one and have started the wait - first suppressor for me.
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    Factory 6.5 PRC long action?

    My Fierce Carbon Fury is a long action. 3.75" inside the magazine, so plenty of acreage. Still feeds slick.
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    Magneto or labrador

    I used mine for the first time last weekend. Set-up on tripod. It picked up every shot except one, which is most likely because I moved it when I was pressing buttons. That was the only issue I had with aiming it. I used the carpenter square trick for initial aiming. So good. Sure...
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    Ruger Number 1 in .257 Weatherby

    Add me to the list of very satisfied Lipsey Ruger No. 1 .257 Wby owners. I concur with the above assessments on accuracy and trigger. My wife and I used mine in Namibia this last June for multiple springbok, gemsbok, zebras, a red lechwe, and a couple of baboons with attitude. Ranges from...