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    Viper PST 4-16X50

    Interested let me know if available
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    Savage 111 with nikkon scope review

    Great write up. What are you feeding it? I have wondered how well it would shoot the 168 gr Bergers.
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    Looking for Sako action

    Just keep an eye open in the classified and you will find one. Good luck.
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    I bought a 6x47 Lapua from Brian a year ago. It is amazingly accurate. Brian is great to work with he really knows his stuff.
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    "Checkmate" wins #2/Backpacking hunt trip

    Randy. Great write up, and even better pictures. How much does checkmate weight? Any predator sighting? Kyle
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    Where you are shooting a barrel with a 1-10 twist I would start wit say an 80 gr and work upto 100 gr bullet. Find the round that is the most accurate and start learning the gun from there. Gather as much information as possilble that will help you in the long run.
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    First harvest for my new 300...

    Wow!! Great write up! Sounds like the 300's are killing all the monsters!
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    Daughters first buck

    That is great. Sounds like he had a blast and that smile says it all.
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    First win for "Checkmate"...........

    Randy, I new you would break that rifle in right. That is beautiful. Where you up in same area you hunted last year? Be sure to say hi to Jeff for me. Again what an awesome buck. Kyle
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    .243 520 yards? YUUUUUUP!

    Awesome!! Great post
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    2013 Idaho Deer Hunt

    Here is a picture of my idaho mule deer. I did not have long to hunt due to work. This was an interesting year. We saw 35 bucks on opening day. We had a really nice 24-26 inch 4x4 about 80 yards. But it was before shooting light. Then most of the big bucks we saw were at 1500 yards and...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED FS Turn Key Longrange hunter/F-Class open 7mmWSM

    I'm thinking I want it. But my wife is thinking HE!! No, TTT I would buy it if I could
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    Fires and Evacuations in Central/South Idaho

    God Bless, those who risk there lives for the safety of others!! We flew over to Salmon to pick up a patient the other day and could see the ELK, PONY, Beaver Creek, and three other fires in Jackson Wy area. It looked like there were volcanos erupting all over. Giant Smoke Plumes going up to...
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    460 smith&wesson

    What kind of speed are you getting out of the 200 flex tips? I have been wanting to load those in mine.
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    La Grande Oregon???

    Hello all, So I was wondering if there is anyone out there from the La Grande Oregon area. I am Moving from Idaho to start a new job out there. I know nothing about the area. So if there is anyone out there will to fill me in on the hunting and fishing. That would be awsome. I looked at...