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    Best off the shelf 6.5 Creedmoor?

    I recently bought a Bergarra Stalker in a 6.5 CM. It is very accurate with the factory loads I have been shooting. As soon as hunting season is over I will work on a load for it. It is a nice rifle. Comes with a Timney trigger. I do wish the barrel was threaded. That Savage is a very good deal.
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    DNZ mount

    They work great and seem very strong. They are easy to mount. I put one on a Savage slug gun and am happy with it.
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    338 Edge Savage build questions

    The 33 Nosler would work with that action also. I think it's the same case as the other recently introduced cartridges.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Savage longrange hunter 300 win

    Message sent.
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    Where in Montana are you located? I am interested in your rifle you are selling.

    Where in Montana are you located? I am interested in your rifle you are selling.
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    Lets talk boots

    I bought a pair of Kennetrek Mountain boots this year and can not recommend them enough. Best boot I've ever worn and I've worn a lot. I don't know anyone associated with the company. Kenetrek - Hunting Boots These are the style I have. Not their PAC boots.
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    Backpack size

    This archery season I began solo bevy hunting. I've been in crazy rough terrain so lightweight was a necessity. I used a Sitka 32 liter. I was able to carry two nights worth of stuff easily and for sure could do more. That includes 100 oz of water and I would strap on my bow. As the weather gets...
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    Re barreling a hunting rifle.

    Hi folks. I am new here and fairly new to the idea of taking shots at animals out to and beyond 1000 yards. Anyway I am now obsessed with the 28 Nosler and want one to carry for elk and muleys. I often hunt open country and long shots will be there for the taking. Someday I will spend 4-5...
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    Hello from Montana

    I am a new member who is blown away by how much great information is on this forum. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.

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