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    For Sale Lightweight 284win Nucleus LA w/ bartlein barrel and mcmillan stock.

    ...which could have been done via PM. I'm done, I'm not going to continue to muddy up the OP's thread any further.
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    For Sale Lightweight 284win Nucleus LA w/ bartlein barrel and mcmillan stock.

    There's nothing wrong with posting warnings where there is something to back it up. But speculating about the motives of a seller publicly without evidence isn't cool.
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    For Sale Lightweight 284win Nucleus LA w/ bartlein barrel and mcmillan stock.

    This callout should have been handled in private.
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    Ruger American

    I have an RA .243. It's MOA with factory ammo.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Meopta optika6 3-18x50 FFP

    I have an Optika6 and a Vx6, both in 3x18x50 SFP. I had them on my back porch a couple of weeks ago for the last couple of hours of daylight and they were very comparable. The only place where I felt the Meopta gave up anything was that the edge clarity was ever-so-slightly more blurred than the...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Meopta optika 6 4.5-27 sfp

    Fantastic glass, especially for the money. I have an Optika6 and have compared it SxS with my VX6HD and there is VERY little difference in the glass.
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    Ruger American stock

    I have a RA. I put the stock in a vise and heated a piece of all-thread and pressed it into the stock. I then filled the cells with epoxy. It's nice and stiff, and no more fore end pressing against barrel.
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    Introducing the Absolute Hammer

    Have you compared the competitor's bullets with the same load in the same gun to get true comps? If it was stated earlier in this thread, I don't have time to read through every post at the moment.
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    Tikka T3x Recoil - Suitable for Youth?

    I have one of these in .243 and it's my great-niece/nephew rifle. They shoot minute of deer out of the box, and many shoot much better. Mine took a little tweaking of the channel at the forend- very typical of the earlier guns. I also stoned the trigger and clipped the spring. It's a nice...
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    Tikka T3x Recoil - Suitable for Youth?

    If she handles a 20-gauge shotgun, a 243 will be a breeze. It is also a very effective round for deer out to 200 + yards. A .260 or 6.5CM would give you a little more energy but a will placed 95 grain .243 Accubond will drop it deer with prejudice.
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    124 or 99 grain Hammer hunters in 6.5 creedmoor?

    R16 with AB 130gr is my preference. The 124HH should be similar.
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    Gem Pro or something else?

    Smart Weigh from Amazon.
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    Recommend a powder scale?

    On the other end of the price scale (no pun intended), here's what I use. I've checked against my tuned m5 and check it with a weight and it's always spot on.

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