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    Full Moon Hogicide...

    Good work!
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    For those of you who hunt suppressed, do you Leave the suppressor on while packing in to your hunting area?

    I swap my can over a number of my threaded rifles. I keep it in a plastic Plano pistol case when going to and from the field. I put the supressor on when I'm gearing up at the truck to walk to the stand. I keep the supressor separated in the gun safe when not in use.
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    9 Hogs Down with Lone Star Armory TX15 & Grendel SST 123 gr.

    Love it! Keep the videos coming!
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    Remington Long Range?

    3 shots touching at 100 yards with my .30-06.
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    Remington Long Range?

    I've got 3 of the R700 LRs: .300WM, .30-06, .25-06. While there is nothing wrong with the M40 stocks, they don't really excite me. Most of my hunting is within 200 yards, so I can tolerate a stock that isn't the most comfortable to use. When using a NF ATCAR, the line of sight is a bit high, so...
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    4000 FPS Bullet -vs- Texas Hog

    Looks like a nice round - minimal recoil and it can drop a hog!
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    Berger 144 LR Hybrid Target Bullet NOT HOG FRIENDLY

    Looks like they work!
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    Favorite 6.5CM Bullet Dropped this Boar!

    You got yourself a nice one! Good shot!
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    Spot and Stalk: 260 lb Boar & 4 Coyotes

    Great way to spend an evening! Great video DNS!
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    Apparent Bad Shot Turns Out Good & Vice Versa

    It works out that way sometimes. Great videos!
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    Well finally did it...sold all my reloading stuff !! Anyone else shooting factory ?

    I've reloaded several thousand rounds for my .308. With a 3 and a 5 year old, it is easier to buy what I need since I don't have time to shoot as much as I'd like. I'm never getting rid of my reloading equipment, since the current hysteria surrounding Covid-19 shows me that I need to have the...
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    Set up for nice 300 Yd Shot

    Nice one!
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    131 ACE DRT Hog - 25 Creedmor

    Nice shot!
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    Why pass on the baby pig makers? I’d think you’d want them all dead?

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