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    Fun couple days

    Awesome hunt and beautiful country!
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    Fl boar with .357

    Nice hog! Way to thin their numbers!
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    Tips for effective long term feeder hunting

    I would not hunt your feeders too hard. Hogs learn quickly that bad things happen when they visit. When I first started hog hunting, I used the gravity feeders. I found that the larger hogs learned to rise up off ground and use their heads to knock corn out of the feeders. I would fill the 350...
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    Well ALMOST there

    Congrats of finding 4064! I haven't seen any in many months. Good luck on load development!
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    Got wind busted yesterday

    It happens to all of us at some point. Some things are out of our control. Keep at it!
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    .224 Hammer 70 Hunter Head Shot

    Nice one!
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    Hammered 300# White Boar. First for me.

    I love his color! Great video!
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    The 460 S&W and Hogs

    Your stalking skills are amazing!
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    1st kill with my 6.5 PRC

    Great shot! What kind of rifle are you using?
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    25-06 still getting it done

    Well done!
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    My best archery buck to date

    WOW! Congrats!
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    Retumbo or H1000 in the Columbia SC area

    I used to live in Florence. Give Southland Gun Works a call. They always had a good selection of powders when I lived there.
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    Looking for a Texas hog hunt

    Send me PM with your phone number. I've saved several guides on my phone I can forward you.
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    Absolute Hammer 109 Hog at 20 yards

    Great video! We moved to Kentucky from Boerne earlier this year. Not sure if you've been there before or not, but its a great place!