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    Recoil, what recoil?

    Due to injury and illness I can no longer suffer heavy kicking guns. Adding mercury recoil reducers, various muzzle brakes, and better recoil butt pads (plus the occasional use of a shoulder pad) has helped me shoot the rifles I own. I hunt with electronic muffs on (I have bilat tinnitus as...
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    Thoughts on remington 700 long range

    I have a Rem 700LR in 7mm Rem Mag. It shoots ok, probably better than the person holding the gun. My gunsmith told me to shoot the barrel out and then we can rebarrel with a quality barrel. I want a longer barrel and a slightly faster twist. Due to injury and illness, I have to have a brake...
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    Best suited 7mm for short barrel?

    Another round good for short barrels is the 7mm IHMSA (International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association). Using 300 Savage brass, I fire formed in my XP-100 with a 15" barrel (with muzzle brake) using a stiff charge of Trailboss and cast 140 gr bullets. Ballistics are about 15% less than...
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    How heavy are your packs and for how many days do you go out?

    My daypack averages around 7 to 10 pounds, most of that being the Camelbak bladder. Being disabled, I can no longer hump a large, heavy pack or hike and backpack hunt in the backwoods. My pack contains a few snacks, hunting necessities should I be foolish enough to shoot something, GPS, my...
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    Saying hi from Marysville, WA

    Long time lurker, decided to finally join up. Retired disabled US Army after nearly 23 years. I like to shoot long range for fun, but with neuropathy and other nerve damage, my shooting expectations are more realistic these days. I am a serious reloader, reloading everything from 17 Fireball...