Saying hi from Marysville, WA


Jun 26, 2018
Long time lurker, decided to finally join up. Retired disabled US Army after nearly 23 years.

I like to shoot long range for fun, but with neuropathy and other nerve damage, my shooting expectations are more realistic these days.

I am a serious reloader, reloading everything from 17 Fireball to 375 JDJ. I love wildcats, 7mm and 6.5mm rounds. I regularly shoot and hunt with a 30 Herrett, but I also love my 357 Herrett. I have (so far) four JDJ wildcats: 257, 6.5, 308 and 375. The 257 and 6.5 are based on the 225 Winchester case. The 308 and 375 are based on the 444 Marlin case.

I have a serious love affair with Thompson Contenders and Encores. I love walking my parent's farm, shooting rock chucks with a Contender carbine, usually in 22 rimfire mag. Lately I have been using a Bullberry 17 HMR match 18" barrel.

Being disabled has limited my walking and carrying capacity. I hunt with a 10" 30 Herrett barrel because it is light and accurate. My days of humping a pack and rifle all over God's green earth are long gone. Now I find a comfy sitting spot and wait for something to walk within range.