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    I love Hammer Bullets

    I couldn't agree more! Coming from california, I always thought that by shooting copper bullets would put me at a disadvantage and would wound more animals. As soon as I tried Hammer Bullets, it changed my mind forever. These bullets HAMMER animals just as good as lead and shoot a great group. I...
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    Hunting Fire Burns

    How many years after a fire do you guys like to go in and hunt an area? One of my favorite blacktail deer spots burned last year and I was wondering if it would be holding deer the year after? I have always heard of people hunting 2-3 year old burns but not one year.
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    Long Range Copper Bullets

    So, i am California, where all ammo has to be lead free now and i am struggling to find a good long range Copper or lead free bullet. This can be either custom ammo or factory. I have been shooting Hammer Bullets out of my other guns and it seems to work well out to about 300 yards but i want...
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    20ga patterns

    Have you tried the Patternmaster Chokes? they have worked wonders for me, because they do not use constriction to tighten the pattern, instead uses a stud ring inside the choke that helps separate the wad from the BB's. This means that 4 shot will shoot like a modified choke, 2 shot will shoot...