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    Berger 52gr .224" varmint/match bullets?

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    Traditional Shooters

    If your TC Hawken is one that has shallow groves and a 1 in 48 twist, you will get better groups if you drop your charge back to around 50 gr. You might try using FFF black powder, .490 and .495 round balls, .015 pillow ticking and spit for lubricant. Shoot some three shot groups every 5 gr...
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    Traditional Shooters

    I haven't used one of the drop in versions, but I have used their standard barrels for round ball/patch applications, and they have been very accurate on ever rifle I have made. I assume that they are made using the same process and twist specification if the drop in is designed for a round...
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    .50 or .54

    I have used both 50 cal and 54 cal muzzleloading rifles for target and deer hunting, and like the 54 better. You can keep the velocity up and still do not encounter as much drop as you do with bores of 58 and larger. I couldn't tell much difference between the 50 cal rifles I have used as...
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    Traditional Shooters

    I build and hunt with traditional muzzleloading rifles. It has been a big hobby of mine since I returned from Vietnam in 1969. I am hooked on varmint hunting and bench rest competition using center fire rifles as well. I guess I am a sucker for both ends of the street. I will have to say...