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    Trigger tech

    I have one on my Bergara HMR Pro Premier. Love it. As I understand it, all Premier series come with TT triggers.
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    Metal shavings barrel obstruction

    Yeah, the only meaningful conversation regarding the issue will be between the OP and the gunsmith. Everything else is pure speculation.
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    Best method to crimp? Please no discussion about merits of crimp, OK?

    They posted the same response at the same time. Jinx !!!
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    Rigid or flexible Teslong?

    I have the flexible version, I suppose. Did not know there is a rigid version. I view mine using the camera application on my laptop. Mine has a small dial switch in the cable to adjust the light brightness. I use it to verify a clean bore and barrel. I can pinpoint the copper buildup in the...
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    What other website should I be scouring for primers?

    I've found them at a Cabelas and a Bass Pro in the last couple weeks. I've left some pistol primers on the shelf. Found large rifle and small rifle. No LR magnums.
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    From Godfrey? Or, still live in Godfrey? I live in Carlinville (north of Godfrey) and work in...

    From Godfrey? Or, still live in Godfrey? I live in Carlinville (north of Godfrey) and work in Edwardsville. I know of a place across the river that generally has powder in stock. I bought a pound of Retumbo from them a couple weeks ago.
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    Outdoor Armory

    Agreed and did. Was hoping I found the pot o gold. I stumbled into some large pistol primers at a local Cabelas last week. At $8 per 100, they are a bit salty. I didn't need them, but I bought them. I've been stocking up on powder as I find it. I have a local store that seems to receive a fair...
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    Outdoor Armory

    Anyone have experience with Outdoor Armory? I found them via internet search. Their website shows primers available. I called the phone # Monday. A man answered with just "hello". I asked if I had Outdoor Armory. He said "yes". All in a monotone and not very positive voice. I asked if they have...
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    Powder for Primers IL, IN, MO

    Thank you @pwrdbycotn for the LR Magnum primers !!!! Truly appreciated. @Equalizer, I really want to use my excess powder to find primers. I need Large Rifle primers. If I were to sell the H4350, I won't charge above what I paid. It was somewhere a bit over $300. I should have the receipt at...
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    Ffl question

    Gater beat me to the IL FOID BS we all experience in this Democrat ran State.
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    Anyone into trees and plant a bunch, new property looking for ideas

    Check with your local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service and Farm Service Agency. You may find a program that will help you defer costs of purchasing and planting. I planted a couple thousand seedlings for my property. Trees were free and they paid me to plant them. Have to enter into a...
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    Powder for Primers IL, IN, MO

    I may have my LR magnum needs solved. Still seeking Large Rifle primers. I have small rifle for 5.56 and small rifle magnum primers that I can add to the mix.
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    Labradar and .224 bullets

    Understood and agreed. I mount my unit to a piece of 3/4" plywood with a 1/4" bolt. Using sandbags for counter weight. I need to haul a couple clamps with me. I am still working out the kinks of my design. Certainly not a "plug and play" device. I did not know they max below 4,000 fps until...
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    Powder for Primers IL, IN, MO

    For trade.... I've been stocking up on powders and 6.5 projectiles. As with everyone else, I cannot find primers. I seem to miss each shipment arriving at the big name stores. Local stores are getting nothing. If you are within 200 - 300 miles of St. Louis, Missouri or Springfield, Illinois...
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    Labradar and .224 bullets

    Thank you for the replies. I went back to the range today. Set up Labradar just as the company recommended. Two inches ahead of the muzzle and six inches to the side of the muzzle. I made sure the unit was pointed directly towards the target both horizontally and vertically. The unit...