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    .300 WSM Barrel Life and comparison to WM

    Wind Dancer: I shoot a 300 WSM in F class matches and I rebarreled after 1457 rounds down the tube. It as a 26" 1 in 11 twist Lilja #7 tapper. The rife as it was set up then weighed in at 13lbs 14 oz. It was no problem to shoot 60 shots for record plus sighters from the prone position with the...
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    Vitavourhi Powder?

    In the 300 WSM I had the best luck with N550. It works very well. I found the N560 did not give the low extreme spreads that M550 did, although the accuracy was sure there. As for throat life, I took the barrel off at 1457 rounds down the tube (Lilja 1 in 11 twist cryo treated). For a match...
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    Who weighs their brass? what tolerance

    I used to weigh brass to + or - .03 of a gr. The key word being used to. I am convinced that if the neck is turned to true it up, the primer pockets uniformed and the flash hole deburred is not that as important as other issues. Unless the weight spread is huge, case weight (IMHO)is not neraly...
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    Who is using VihtaVuori 500 series powders

    Ihave uesed N540 and N550 in a variety of calibers and had excellent results with them. Since they only come in 2lb. bottles I have went through enough differnt lots to be convinced that they are very consistent lot to lot. I burnt the throat out of my first 300 WSM barrel (F class competition...
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    Who do you get a solid position W/shooting sticks?

    I no longer use a bipod for two reasons, the weight it adds, and it just never seems to be the right height. I tried shooting sticks and they just weren't steady enough to suit me. I have found what works well for me is a cuff style sling by Tactical Intervention. If I am prone and slung in it...
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    New gun

    While I don't have a 300 Win Mag. I do have a 300 WSM and it works fine out 1200 yards on target and steel plates. And anything the 300 WSM will do the 300 Win Mag will do equaly as well, maybe with a little more velocity. Especially with the 200 gr. and above bullets. Deer and elk to 650 will...
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    300 WSM

    The powder I have settled on is N550 ingnited by a Federal 210M primer, in Norma brass with a 175 MK. It shot well enough to burn the first barrel out my F class rifle with it and shooting the same load in the second barrel with excellent results. IMR 4350 works well with 150 to 155 gr. bullets...
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    tell me about your 260 ackley or 260

    I have two 260's, one a rifle I use in F class competition with the 142 MatchKing, the other one I use for hunting. Both rifles were built with 1 in 8 twist Krieger barrels. Two friends of mine have 260 A.I.'s and that they really like as well. I think you be hard pressed to find a medium...
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    Anyone use 308 varmit hunting?

    I have used the 308 for groundhogs, coyotes, crows, and assorted other vermin for many years. I prefer the 125 Nosler B.T. or the 125 Speer TNT to any 110 gr. bullet I have ever tried. The B.C. is so much better with the 125's and the velocity is nearly the same. Try either IMR 3031, or Win 748...
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    .260 accuracy

    Airborne: I have a couple of 260's and I have found the 260 to be a very accurate cartridge. My first 260 was built as an F class rifle, I was so impressed with it that I had a hunting rifle built in 260 as well. Both shoot well under .5 MOA. I have found, like a previous post stated, 42 gr. H...
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    WSM Barrel life

    I just had my 300 WSM rebarreled after 1459 rounds. The rifle was built for F class competition and was used as such and shot good enough to win the last F class match that I shot with it before rebarreling. After a little over a 1100 rounds I was constantly chasing the lands as they erroded to...
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    FNH A3 SPR

    A friend of mine had a FN SPR in 308 Win. It shot superbly, sub .5 MOA with both the 155 and 175 Sierra MatchKings. It was a solid long range rifle. The reason I say had, he shot the barrel out of it and it is being rebarreled at this time. From what I have read on several sites they are very...
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    175 JLK

    Does anyone shoot the 175 JLK? I know a lot of people shoot the 210 JLK but have heard very little mentioned about the 175. The reason I ask is, I just rebarreled my 300 WSM and I am going to have the smith cut the chamber out of the old Lilja (1-11 twist) and rechamber it to 308 and use it for...
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    Badger rings on Farrell base

    I wore my 300 WSM barrel out using a Ken Farrel base and Badger rings as a mounting system for a 6.5 X 20 LRT without a problem. They performed great. Shoot Safe, Shoot Straight.....RiverRat [ 10-21-2003: Message edited by: RiverRat ]
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    Accurate Reloading Website

    Boyd, what I liked is what you said, " I don't take them, I make them" Dave King, Daryl, yourself and several others have defended long range hunting very well. I just wish the nay sayers would leave it alone. But then like I said 4 shot years ago I would not have believed it either. Until they...