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    300 Win mag load advice

    have you tried that ramshot magnum with any other bullets iv been wanting to try it?
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    300 Win mag load advice

    i built up a really good load with H-1000. its 81.2 Gr of powder, in a Remington case, a CCI 250 primer, topped with a Nosler 180 BT, seated 15 thousands off the lands. shoots half inch or better every time. be aware this load is over max so as always start light and work. hope this helps some...
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    4 rifles for sale/which one for donor

    I would use the Rem 700 it has a stronger action, and is always favored by gunsmiths. if i were building it i would take the 700 to a gun smith that knows target rifles. ( might go ask the local S.W.A.T team who they take their rifles to) and tell him what you want.
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    180 Nosler AB loads ?

    I have a 300 Win Mag in a Rem 700 and i'm hand loading for the Nosler 180 AB. any one have any "pet" loads.