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    0-600yrds target caliber

    6mm 115 dtac. Sierra 110 smk,
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    0-600yrds target caliber

    Maybe I missed it but do you want to be competitive or just practice. Either way, 6 br , 6 bra, 6 dasher, 243 long throat and a fast twist is a good choice especially if wind is a factor . The extra velocity helps
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    Agree, I had two Bergara rifles, neither would shoot well. Bergara has had issues.
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    Sightron Riflescopes

    I have 3 siii's, great scope for the money. One of my next scope would be the ssv ed . I also have some Vortex Viper pst scopes. To my eyes the Sightron has clearer glass.
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    Remington 700 ADL 270

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    Powder Valley

    My hat is off to them. They are the best, fairness for everyone
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    Powder Valley

    They are the best. My hat is off to them with these actions on their part.
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    Must use 30 cal for moose

    300 WIN MAG. best option
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    Thinking of reloading

    Disagree, my prairie dog loads cost less than $10 per box. Accuracy is my goal, but factory loads are far better than they were once I load about 1500 to 2k pd loads per year . .my average pd load cost about. 40 per round.
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    Savage 110 Reliable? Weaknesses?

    I've had bigger issues with my Remington's than my Savage's. So I think they are on par, used to replace extractor's regularly in my Remington's as well as stuck cases. Finally installed Sako extractor's which solves the problem.
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    Which neck turning systems does everyone prefer ?

    I use RCBS, it works but would probably buy something else next time. But I'm not unhappy with RCBS. I run it in a drill press. Use a lee shell holder
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    Which 30 cal?

    Agreed great choice
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Shipping Guns

    Absolutely, I believe that it's intentional, So one must over wrap and over box.
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    220 Swift loads--opinions

    Ok, I've had two 220 Swift's, 4064. And either 50 gr. VMAX, or Nosler ballistic tips got me groups under .5 moa in the one and H414 with 55 gr GB bullets did .5 moa in the other.
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    Misery loves company

    Amen, I had knee replacement and doubled the physical therapy and went on a strong fitness routine before the surgery, it paid off big time