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    Tss turkey loads

    As a side note, the choke used in the picture above for my 12 ga was just the factory full. It would do much better with a tighter choke such as an Indian Creek or Carlsons but I didn't see a need for it.
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    Tss turkey loads

    I started loading TSS with #8 for both 12 and 20 ga. I couldn't get the 9 shot at the time but the 8 was great for the 12 and 20. I had just bought an 11-87 in 20 guage for my daughter. I now only load the 9's for the 20 ga and no longer use the 12. No need for it. Also, I use a Carlson...
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    Need bullet suggestions! 300rum

    In my opinion, anything less than 200 grains in a RUM is a waste of powder, bullets, brass and time. I will also recommend the 215 Berger. I have shot a lot of deer with them over the last few years and I have found that when I get an exit wound, it's pretty good size and if the deer doesn't...
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    Semi custom vs New Rifle

    I had a Remington 700 Sendero rebarreled a couple of years ago that I wasn't happy with. I used my stock and my Timney trigger. I went with a Brux barrel in the same contour, had the action trued, added a break, and a new knob. I could have saved a few dollars by leaving off the new knob and...
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    300 RUM for long range rifle.

    I would suggest 215 Bergers and either H1000 or Retumbo, with H1000 being my first choice. Start around 87 grains and work up and I will be shocked if you don't find a great load fairly fast.
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    School me on muzzle breaks

    I have owned 3 different 300 RUM's. One BDL and 2 Senderos. I shot the crap out of them with no break and learned to deal with the recoil. I recently had one rebarreled in 300 RUM and it now wears an APA Lil Bastard break. After the first shot with the break on it (first time I had even shot...
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    Sendero Vortex PST 6-24x50 low rings???

    I have a Vortex HST on a Sendero with Seekins low rings and it works fine for me.
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero

    I did try Retumbo but H1000 seemed to do better. But that was before I started chasing gremlins! I plan to try it again when I get more time.
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero pin holding trigger was rubbing the stock and the front pillar was full of devcon and I had to push the screw in/pull it out. Pin was an easy fix and be it right or wrong, I drilled out the devcon, put it back together and now it shoots! Thanks for the help. Never would have...
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero

    It has 350 rounds through it and has shot like this from day one. Only rifle I've ever shot that I had to literally choke it to death to get an acceptable group. I'm considering removing all of the bedding and shooting it without it to see what that does. I can't see it hurting at this point!
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero

    Should the action be super tight in the stock? As in hard to take it out? I would like to take it to someone local and let them look it over, but I don't know anyone around me.
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero

    I will check that tonight. I'm thinking of lightly sanding some of the bedding out and see what happens. Sure won't hurt. The action is very hard to pull out of the stock. Not sure if this is normal or not, I haven't had the other one out in a long time and can't remember how tight it is.
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero

    I like the old one better too!
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    Need help with a 300 RUM Sendero

    I have 2 of these. One is an SF I that I bought at a good price, had trigger worked down, and had it bedded. It shoots light out with 215 Bergers and Retumbo. I have killed several deer, hogs, and coyotes to 800 yards with it. Last year, the last 3 shots I took with it gave a 3 1/2" group at...
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    New 300 RUM... need some help

    Another vote for the 200+ bullets in 300 RUM. Retumbo and H1000 are probably the 2 most commonly used for this caliber. I have had great luck lately with RL 26 in a Sendero. Jury is still out on temp stability but so far so good.