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    Muzzeloader 209 primer questions

    If you have not already done so go to the BH209 web page.. They have a lot of good information. I do all of my big game hunting with a couple of Knight Disc Extremes with their bare metal primer breech plug. You can get a set of welding tip cleaners to keep the flash channel clean. With the...
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    Duct Tape on muzzle brake

    I had and my son still shoots .a Ruger # 1 that I had re-barreled from 270 WM to 300 Weatherby Mag over 35 years back that has a built in brake. Little loud in a box blind, but sure easy on the shoulder. and still produces sub moa groups.
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    Duct Tape on muzzle brake

    Walker and Axil both make electronic earbuds that offer ear protection and hearing assistance. Not cheap but seem to work well
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    Please help me age this deer

    The pictures don't give you much to work with, but he's not very old and being a Texas deer he may not get much bigger, but in my opinion he's 3 1/2 so you may get some horn growth, but not much body weight. Lot depends on what part of Texas he calls home. Quality Deer Management has a lot of...
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    Blackhorn 209 cleaning question

    We are blessed with a 6 month deer season on our MLD lease in West Texas and I use my Knight Disc Extreme ML the entire season. Our humidity is generally low, so before we head to the blind For the 1st hunt I pop 3 primers and load 110gr(vol) of BH 209, a 300 gr Harvester PT Gold bullet in a...
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    Need help! Buying my first ML

    Not trying to make this an ethics issue. Elk are tough animals and can carry a lot of lead. The hard cold facts are found in the ballistic tables. Bullet drop and retained energy for black powder or substitutes ML's at 500 yds are not on any charts I've seen. Remington shows a 23.5 inch drop at...
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    Thoughts on TC Strike Rifle?

    I have been hunting with muzzle loaders exclusively for the last 20 years. I have 3 versions of Knight's Disc Extreme rifles that use their bare primer breech plug. When the LHR Redemption was first released(before TC bought the Brand) I was impressed and curious enough to buy one. It's a great...
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    Trying my luck with BP

    BH 209 is a great powder and it cleans up with normal gun solvents; Hoppes etc. Just make sure you regularly clean the flame channel in your Breech Plug. The BH 209 website has detailed instructions on handling this job. It can cause misfires if you don't stay on top of it.
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    Check it out!! - My new LR Hunting Rig!

    Beautiful rig. Enjoy!
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    Need help! Buying my first ML

    I have been hunting elk since 1962. Started with the old 30 06 and switched in later years to a customized Ruger Number 1 in 300 WM. About 20 years ago I turned to Muzzle loading. In my humble opinion 500 yds is a stretch for the 300, much less a MZ using any of the blackpowder substitutes. Not...
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    Blackhorn 209 blowback

    I experienced similar problems with my Knight Disc Extremes when I installed their bare primer breech plugs and used heavy loads of BH209. At the time I was using CCI 209M primers. Switching to the regular Winchester 209 Primers (not the ones made for Muzzleloaders) helped but did not eliminate...
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    Which Speedloader for loose powder?

    Try Lane's Powder tubes email [email protected] They work better than anything I've found.
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    whitetail bullet

    I agree they are great bullets, but I don't think they have one for a .50 Cal Muzzle loader.
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    whitetail bullet

    I could not agree more. I hunt in West Texas where a large percentage of my shots exceed 100 yds. Our whitetails average live weight is about 140 pounds, however we have Axis,Fallow, Aoudad and a lot of large feral hogs on our low fence lease so I prefer a heavy bullet. Two years back I switched...
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    whitetail bullet

    I've had good results with the Harvester 300 gr PT Gold with 110 gr of BH 209. I find the 120 gr load of BH a little unpleasant to shoot and accuracy suffers. Barnes line of MZ bullets really expand well, I just have't found a load that works as well as the PT Golds. Not sure why the...