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    Thoughts on 178 gr eldx in 30-06

    Used this bullet in 30-06 Serengeti at 2900FPS on a 200# whitetail at 100yds at dusk. Terminal ballistics were identical to Motrapper above. Shed core and no exit. Found him the next morning about 80 yds away; no blood trail whatsoever. I think this bullet at this velocity might be good for...
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    Looking for 500 to 1000 us range in Mississippi

    600yd range in Greenville,MS but its a private club and you need to be with a member. Ditto the Prince range near Oak Grove, LA (may go to 750).
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    175 ABLR loads

    I have had a 7STW in a worked over Rem 700 with a 26" Shilen #5.5 - 9 twist barrel since 2002. I have not hunted with it since 2005 since on my current pine plantation camp 200 yards was a long shot and my STW is a heavy beast. The property was almost all clear cut and replanted in the last year...
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    Luepold VX3 3.5X10-40

    PM'd You
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    Elberstock X1 Euro Pack

    Elberlestock X1 Euro pack in Dry Earth Microsuede. Purchased last new last year and used for 4 days on Elk Hunt (no meat hauled unfortunately). $125 shipped. PM me your text for pics. SOLD Thanks Michael
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    Got food plots?

    In central MS, we plant cowpeas and soybeans for Summer. They usually nip the beans off right after they break ground. Wheat and clover works well for winter.
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    257AI and RL26

    Havent tried it in your case but it's just short of amazing velocity wise in my 6.5x55 and they have case capacities that are pretty close
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    Leupold Tracking Question

    Ive never had any problems with my Leupolds tracking but all are target scopes.
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    257 STW Load Data

    Reloadersnest is achived at 44 - 257STW loads shown
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    7mm STW Nosler Brass

    Buy with confidence! I bought the first 100, got them in 3 days and they look great!
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    7mm STW Nosler Brass

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    The Rifle You’ll Never Touch

    My Dad's Remington 514 single shot .22. In the mid 60's, he was finishing the interior of our cabin in Northern Minnesota. The rifle was lying in the stud wall and somehow he installed the paneling without noticing it. He thought it had been stolen. Fast forward to 1988; My brother was...
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    medium/short range rifle accuracy not to my steps

    I recently worked with a Ruger American Compact in 7-08using factory ammo. Three loads were shooting 1.5-2.5" at 100. Then I tried some Hornady Precision Hunter with the ELD-X bullet and the group sizes shrank to 1". Same thing happened when I tried it in an older M700 in 30-06.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Tikka T3 Sporter Left Hand

    Chris: Set you a text message to buy rifle based on our discussions