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    300 Win Mag???

    I would tell you to look at cost for yourself… Make sure you figure in the cost of a good scope as well. The Tikka/Sako will shoot 1 MOA or better. As far as the Browning I am not as familiar but I have a buddy who loves his. As far as custom look at Lane Precision or McWhorter…. I have a...
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    Real Hunters?

    Sorry, not enough time in the day to give this one the time of day…. Some of us are busy getting ready for hunting season.
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    How many layers of merino wool?

    In my experience Merino is warmer than synthetic; however, merino seems to hold moisture longer. In humid climates like Alaska I wear synthetic. If I am in an area like Colorado where there is low humidity and plan to walk a lot I wear a synthetic base layer and a merino mid layer. My...
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    My first elk hunt

    I appreciate the correction…. Im either smoking crack or that changed.
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    One Gun Hunters

    I have one primary hunting rifle w one load for everything beyond 100 yds. 7mm RM w AMG 6-24x50…180 gr VLD @ 2950 For heavy brush and under 600 yds. 308 win w NF 2.5-10x 44…ELDX 178
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    .308 elk hunting

    I’ve killed cow elk and mule deer with the 168 Barnes on a 16” barrel as far as 478 yards... 2450 FPS at 30 degrees and 10k elevation. My self imposed limit on that setup is 500 yds…. Bullet exits every time w proper shot placement. if you are looking to go farther my opinion is you need a...
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    My first elk hunt

    welcome to the forums! Colorado requires your bullet be at least 143 gr with a centerfire rifle for large game. I like both rounds but for elk I would prefer 308…. 30 cal is a killer. The 308 will also carry more energy at 500 yards and it is suggested you should have 1500 lbs of energy to...
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    What cartridge/bullet for hog hunting?

    I have used everything from 556 to 375 H&H with 300 gr TSX…. Think short range and Pick your poison.
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    Suggestions for a good elk hunting boot

    I have both Kenetrex and Crispi and they are both great boots…. I think the Kennetrex is a step up but they take about 40 miles to break in. The Crispis do break in easier.
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    I need a new rangefinder.

    I use the Sig w applied ballistics and love it.
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    Brown bear Rifle

    Some really good comments above…. I would only ask what scope you have? If you have a scope with a narrow FOV that could be an issue. You should speak w the guide about the terrain and how long of a shot you should expect. You might need a scope for something a bit closer. I have to agree...
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    Biggest Bore...Heaviest Hitter...Long Range

    I see one issue... a lot of the cartridges recommended need at least a 24” and more likely a 26” barrel to take advantage off all that extra powder. A 308 with a 20” barrel would be a good combo out to 600 178 gr ELDX. How about a 300 WSM... see thread...
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    Hard to believe

    He is subsonic at 750 yds best case with a 40/50 gr bullet and a bad BC in a heavy cross wind... good luck w that. I am not from Missouri like Timmy but I do like the state.
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    Carbon fiber wrapped barrels

    I have a proof carbon fiber barrel on my 6.5 CM that shoots one ragged hole. I had someone build me a 7mm w a carbon barrel but we could never get < .7 MOA. I built another 7mm w a carbon barrel and it shot but was inconsistent after the first group. Where am I going?... base on my personal...
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    308 or 6.5CM

    I have a few custom rifles and I would not spend that kind of money for this application. I also have a 6.5 cm and a 308. I use the 308 for exactly what you describe. The 308 is an older version of the following Tikka Tac 20” barrel, it shoots 1/2 MOA with the ELDX 178 gr and she is topped...