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    6.5 140gr Berger Hybrid target bullets “In stock” @ Midway.

    I just ordered 1000 for 480.00 shipped. I dont even look at midway usa for anything reloading anymore.
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    Trade for r26 only.

    Trade for r26 only.
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    Missouri Components Trading Thread

    21 pounds of H4350, looking for R26, or 6.5 bergers. 140 hybrid, 156, or 153.5. Rather trade face to face, south central Missouri.
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    Rem 700 Long action sporter stock

    red hawk rifles.
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    No wonder there is a shortage of firearms and ammo

    25 rounds of ammo per gun, what a stockpile. Need to start using the laws that are in place, but with what we have now, will just be another reason to try and put laws in place for people that are following the law.
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    6.5 PRC Brass in Stock... but not really though

    Glad I went 260 ackley, I just got 600 pieces of lapua brass and starting to build 2 more this weekend.
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    Remington VLS .22-250

    Gunbroker has a new in box one for sale, its wrote as 700 bdl, but is what you are looking for.
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    300WM 10 twist -will it stabilize 230 gr Bergers ?

    Flies just fine out of mine. H1000 and they are seated long in case.
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    Forgot that I order it.

    think it will look good once I get it done. Had to drop an action in just to check.
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    Which wyatts extended box for remington 700 short action

    What do I need to be able to have bullets loaded to 2.910 length for a short action build. Want to order everything that I need before tearing into my next build. Round is a 260 ackley and loaded is the length noted.
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    Forgot that I order it.

    34 % black, 33 % tan and 33% white.
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    Forgot that I order it.

    I was like what, when ups dropped it off today. Mcmillan a5 black, tan, white.
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    6.5 x 257 weatherby info

    Not worried on selling anything that I build, I like odd ball rifles. 264 win mag had one and did not like how it done. It was an old winchester that had the 1 in 9 twist. Looking for something different, that gives you something that gives you performance for the amount of powder that you...
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    6.5 x 257 weatherby info

    Any information on this round? Thinking of building one.