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    Recommend a powder scale?

    Lock-N-Load by Hornady. I think it will handle up to 1500 grains. Weighs grains, grams and ounces. Quick and easy calibration procedure. I trickle my charges in with a manual thingy by Sinclair. I like that I can trickle to the "lower end" of the desired charge. I leave my scale plugged-in all...
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    "Its Time"

    Fascinating reading. I don't go into the woods; have no reason to do so. If I ever hit one on a federal interstate highway, I hope I kill it good and dead, and the State Police come along before its kin do. I'd not want to be the only human around when its kinfolk show-up and start asking...
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    Baboon culling in South Africa

    Unknown to me. It's got the "D" canopy, but that may have carried over to the "F" model. I am unsure if there ever was an "F" model; I will take your word for it. The image is of the "3rd" iteration; maybe the previous two crashed and this third is the rebuilt with replacement parts. You just...
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    Baboon culling in South Africa

    Cripes A'Mighty...
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    Baboon culling in South Africa

    Do they/can they attack humans?
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    Baboon culling in South Africa

    Cripes A'Mighty! Wait until those nutcases lacking testicles at PETA hear about this!
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    Mixing small lots of powder?

    I once mixed five different powders to brew-up a batch for reloading .223Rem in an AR-type with the A2 stock. I knew what was the predominant powder, so I just loaded down a few grains from the book and shot the helsinki out of that stuff. From a rear bag and a machine rest, it actually shot a...
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    Baboon culling in South Africa

    Cripes A'Mighty! Wait until those nutcases lacking testicles at PETA hear about this!
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    5.56 NATO reloading help

    That can be deadly. The levels of toxins build in the body and if refuse is not excreted, dire health circumstances can result. My guess is the kid learned it at home to not extrude anywhere but on his own throne. If that be so, his parents really done him wrong...
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    3 1lbs Varget

    Yes, but it was a great drive from Winchester, Virginia when I moved here in Fall 2004. I love it here: Thousands and thousands of wide-open acres upon which to shoot. And nobody will hillary if you own a Black Rifle or two-- or more than that. No income tax and 300 days of sun per year. Speed...
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    Rail-rings question

    You will get corrosion between the aluminum rail and steel rings (if you go that route), but it will take a long time if the rifle is kept where the humidity is low. I'm no expert on metallurgy, but I believe the corrosion we sometimes see between dissimilar metals is known as electrolysis. Has...
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    #1 shooting tip

    Move to rural Nevada so you actually can practice and polish your shooting technique. That's what I did. I moved from Northern Virginia to a tiny town in the Nevada desert somewhat east of Reno just so I'd have a place to shoot long-range. That was in Fall 2004; have loved this place ever since...
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    3 1lbs Varget

    Dam-ned cheap! I have two bottles of my own, so I have no dog in this fight...
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    Shooting while pregnant?

    My mind is, If you have any questions about if it's a good thing or a bad thing to do... then it's better to not do it. Applies to pregnancy or to robbing a bank equally well...
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    280AI with too much head space...options?

    I hope you find the answer to your problem. I've created two mildcats, and am in the process of creating a third. I draw the cartridge, determine the measurements of the case and have the reamer and headspace gauges made by Dave Manson. I then have Ben Syring at Hornady design the forming and...

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