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    Pipeline Hacked, What's Next?

    Not a political statement here, believe whatever you want. If you can't survive without fuel, or electricity........and I do mean basic survival, as in not have a good chance of dying from something entirely out of your control. It wouldn't be all that much fun, but I'm confident I...
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    That time of year...Be careful

    I found one in my reloading room in my house a couple years ago....sneaky little buggers, it had to go all the way through the house to get there. Lucky for me me it was a nice one...about a foot away from my foot when I saw it. MT though, so it was just a Prarie rattler. Since it was nice...
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    Terminal Performance - results

    That is exactly what you should see. I would say they performed as they were intended to. They are really good bullets, they still get the job done up close....but they can make a mess of things. They're not quite so explosive when they slow down to around 2500. I've made a couple...
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    Backcountry knives- Argali vs Goat knives vs others

    Planer blades are usually D2 or M2. They make decent knives.....but are too hard...they'll hold an edge pretty good, but if you take them to a reasonable edge angle( not like a planer blade) the edge becomes pretty easy to chip. They are tool steel, not ideal for knives but will work if...
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    Backcountry knives- Argali vs Goat knives vs others

    Not that I'm aware of, but I'm sure there is. I like it's the of the knife world. Lots of good guys with a ton of info they are willing to share. Also there are a lot of custom knife makers that sell their knives on there, you can get a good custom for a...
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    Backcountry knives- Argali vs Goat knives vs others

    The steel does matter, and does make a difference. Some are more abrasion resistant, which makes them harder to sharpen. Some are more stain resistant, some have a finer grain structure ( these get sharper) some are tougher, but don't hold an edge as well. Generally speaking, steels...
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    Backcountry knives- Argali vs Goat knives vs others

    I make my own as well and I don't get caught up in the hype about "super steels" Some of these alloys work really well, but because of the complex alloy, they require a very specific and very controlled heat treating process, that involves very high heat, and very low heat to get right...
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    In your opinion: Most important cartridge component.

    If you can make primers and smokeless powder.......I'd take some retumbo please.
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    In your opinion: Most important cartridge component.

    Depends on what I intend to do with the loaded cartridge........ but the bullet is unaware of the other components once it leaves the barrel. The bullet does the killing. I agree with the order stated above exactly. If the bullet won't do what you want it to do when it hits the target...
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    Triggers - JEWELL or Trigger Tech "DIAMOND"

    yep....I have a jewel, a trigger tech, and a calvin elite as well. I can't tell you how they do under 1.5 but they all do a really good job. I will say that I can get the over travel on the jewel a little better, but that depends on what you like.....I like as little as possible.....I'll...
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    One of the most underrate scopes out there. It's a touch heavy, but for that kind of will not disappoint. Solid piece for sure. Sig is doing some really cool stuff....the zulu6 binos are a game changer.
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    Still One Of My All Time Favorites

    We used to do that with a 50 gallon drum, some 4" vent piped into the bottom and about an 8" hole cut in the lid. Great way to get rid of yard leaves in a hurry.
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    Locks for your gun safe

    I switched my dial out for an AMSEC ESL20, it's been really nice. You can program in additional codes for single use if you need to let someone into your safe, but don't want to have to change your combo. It was around 200 bucks if I remember right, easy to change them out. My locksmith sold it...
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    Need some ideas - school me

    groundhogs= high volume shooting most of the time. Rick Richard has it right on this one. .223 is very capable of 500 yard shooting The Tikka t3x stainless varmint would be a good choice, though you would have to have the barrel threaded (no big deal) 1:8 twist should handle pretty much...