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    Vortex 3-15 Razor LHT review

    Have you looked at or tested the Vortex Strike Eagle 3-18x44 SFP IRMOA scope? I just got one to put on a TC Omega .40 smokeless conversion. It's a long range hunting gun. I have a Vortex Viper gen2 PST 5-25x50 FFP IRMOA and I like the scope a lot for the money & it's held up very well under some...
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    Mcgowen vs shilen vs criterion

    I have friends that have built & owned CF guns & ML's & SML's with Mcgowen & Shilen barrels on them. But I'm not familiar with Criterian barrels. May I suggest that you look into the value, pros/cons of the difference between " Cut rifle barrels " & " Button rifle barrels " before deciding.
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    Having a factory barrel threaded yay or nay

    It's not a big deal to have your factory rifle barrel threaded. If you're concerned about a harmonics change, no need to be. Here's a suggestion you may want to look into a lil bit. It sounds like it would fit your needs to a T. Harrels - makes a Tuner brake ( like the BOSS brakes, of which I've...
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    For my brother what caliber

    I couldn't agree more with everything you said on the .308. I think that the 30.06 has truly earned its place right beside the .308 for every reason ya listed for the .308. It's got the .30 call punch, it's got a range in ammo from 90gr-220gr & a bunch in between. Across the board - versatile &...
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    Help Deciding on "Budget" Rifle & Scope for Once in a lifetime Elk tag (narrowed down list)

    I'd personally look for a used Browning A-Bolt ll in 7mm Rem mag with the BOSS brake & get a Vortex Viper PST gens 5-25x50 IRMOA ret. Thats a super affordable combo & a tack driver as well.
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    7mm or 30 cal? Just for curiosity’s sake

    Great post, Thanks. 7mm mag without any doubt.
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    Powder Valley

    I support Powder Valley as well.
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    beginner turkey hunter questions

    You got a lot of sound advice here. I first started out turkey hunting in my home state of Md 35yrs ago. All I had was 2 3/4" 12ga pump with a mod choke 28" barrel. #2 shot did just fine. When I got a 3" 12 ga with a full choke barrel I used #4 Turkey loads - copper-coated lead shot. That did...
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    916 yards on steel - sitting with shooting sticks

    Nice 1st rifle & I love the cal. I got passed down 1 of 2 Rem model 141 .35 pump action. I love that gun & hunted in 4 states with it. With those 200gr Rem soft nose .35 rem bullets out to 150yds the thing is a deer sledgehammer. 90% of my kills with that gun were hard bang/flops. We would shoot...
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    916 yards on steel - sitting with shooting sticks

    Thanks for a fantastic post with target porn. Awesome shooting sir. I to am a firm believer to " practice what ya preach " at the bare minimum be able to proficiently do yourself everything you are trying to teach ppl. Its the difference between being a real teacher & a real clown takin ppls...
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    Loss of Love for Leupold, New scope time.

    Boy oh Boy are you right. I've had Leupold, Nikon, Vortex & numerous others, I am a pretty big fan of Shepherd scopes, I've had 3 with zero complaints. I'm gettin my 1st .40 1:16 twist smokeless muzzleloader conversion from a Rem 700ML. I got a used, but near mint condition Ziess Conquest V4...
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    Do all rifle???

    You absolutely got that right. With bullet weights from 90gr - 220gr = varmints - moose. That is doin it all.
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    Do all rifle???

    Well I'm gonna be another 7mm mag vote. For an affordable tack driver right off the rack look for a Browning A-Bolt ll 7mag with the BOSS then very accurately utilize the entire spectrum of bullet weights in that cal. My brother got the Win Version, me- Browning. He wouldn't trade his for...
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    Muzzle break or suppressor ?

    You really can't go wrong with anyone listed there & there are a cpl others that I'm abit surprised are not mentioned. I ran across Nathan Wright on YouTube doin my due diligence before buying myself a new brake for my .45 Paramount muzzleloader. I liked the heck out of Nathan right off the bat...