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    Kansas 2012 Squirrel Opener

    Last time I hunted squirrels in KS this time of year, I spent almost as much time hunting for ticks after I got home! I don't remember how many squirrels I got, but I remember I had a good time with friends. Nick
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Cooper Excalibur 6.5 creedmoor NIB

    If the length of the barrel was that important, you could have just added some washers between the barrel and the action!:D I'm interested in a 6.5 just haven't figured out which one. How much more velocity do you think you'll get with those two inches? You have a very nice rifle for sale at a...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD Custom savage 7mm-08

    Rifle received quickly and as described. WBM even threw in some brass! Nick
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    Give Away Contest - Huskemaw Blue Diamond 3-12 Rifle Scope

    "Enter Me In The Huskemaw Scope Contest"
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    SOLD/EXPIRED SOLD Custom savage 7mm-08

    Re: Custom savage 7mm-08 I'll take it. PM sent.