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    Have you had success getting Nosler ABLR bullets to group well?

    I've been working on A270 Winchester Remington model 700 and I cannot get them to group at all one day they will be 3/4 inch I'm away next I'm away next day in 2 and a 1/2 next time 2" it's unbelievable I'm not impressed
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    Sometimes I hate my speaker on my phone it does not spit out what I want Tried to say send it back and have them take a look at that rifle you didn't pay all that money to have to start doing work on it load work on it only to find out there is something wrong
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    Nosler or Bergara problems

    I've been shooting for 40 years I've never had factory ammo out of a Box do that do that I would contact bergara and send the rifle to dam and have them look at it
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    Help with Rem 700 Action Screw Torque Values. (Wood Stock)

    You're 20" pounds over should be 15 to 18 Go on the Remington website and Google it tells you exactly what you should be At
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    H1000 Powder

    Gun brokers is a joke anybody willing to pay their prices deserves to get ripped off
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    New scope has me confused

    I think personally you bought the wrong rifle scope for yourself yourself you should have went a different route that's my personal opinion
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    Having trouble sighting in

    Ditch the rings and check the 0 stop there is no reason that rifle scope should not work
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    New scope has me confused

    I agree with fatoldhunter I will keep using the strelok
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    New scope has me confused

    I personally will never own A-scope like that with the cost of ammo today and no ability to be able to buy product to reload hardly at all why would anybody wanna go through that headache I'll stick with the MOA
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    New scope has me confused

    You can't go by what they're telling you 3 clicks 4 clicks 5 clicks whatever on here everything determined on your rifle caliber and your bullet how fast are the bullet flying etc
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    New scope has me confused

    Go to the app on your phone go to streelock download the app Put in your scope put in your bullet weight Punch in the yard did you want punch calculate and it will tell you everything
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    Which group is best?

    Do you have another bullet to try I see I suggest you use a different type of bullet in the same weight class class and see if you get better results the results
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    Hammer Bullet Crimp

    I guess the real question is what benefit is this To me or anybody else what is the purpose
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    Montana x-bows illegal

    It's people like you that do not deserve to be able able to hunt you have no compassion for anybody or anybody he deserves the hunt just like you or me or anybody else you're the one that should probably stay home
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    Fake Nightforce??????

    Not everybody always has the money to buy A-scope that expensive maybe the guy is broke and needs some money really bad just be cautious