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    Picking My .300 WM Scope

    SWFA can Handle a 50 Cal
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    For Sale H4831 in stock Mid South

    Now this is available 16lbs of StaBall 6.5 for 455.63
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    For Sale midway

    Powder Valley and Mid South have already had it available at least 1 time each in the last 45 days. If I need it I will wait for them I have removed all my alerts at Midway. Just Sayin
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    For Sale midway

    I will never buy Powder, Bullets or Primers from LARRY Now other stuff I may but he is Gouging on those items
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    For Sale H4350 Midsouth

    PV has a ton of Ramshot powder and [email protected] Sons has some powders also Precision has some too
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    Utah hitting CCs now

    Nothing but Points here Congrats on your tag
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    Mid south has VihtaVuori 560 available

    560 is back available and Gone again
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    Mid south has VihtaVuori 560 available

    Also some Pistol powders
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    Components Becoming Available

    Yep Locally the 800.00 for 8lbs of Retumbo is down to 650.00 LOL Great seeing Local Scalpers dropping prices. LOL
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    16lbs of Winchester 748 available at Midsouth

    With You on that But with Powder and Primers showing up more frequently the Local Scalpers are dropping their Prices. Its Nice to See LOL
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    16lbs of Winchester 748 available at Midsouth

    I have never used it but its there maybe someone could use it.
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    Ever Glades Ammo has Powder Price is Not PV prices

    FYI I have not used them but they do have some powders in stock
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    Small pistol primers. Midway

    Now Remington 209 Remington Premier STS Primers #209 Shotshell Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100) are available But Limit 1k so with Haz and all 105.88 for 1k Think I will Pass
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    Lots of Powder at Powder Valley

    All done