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    Hammer Bullets shoulder design

    The point is to compare with the performance of standard Hunters in my rifle.
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    Hammer Bullets shoulder design

    Steve , I understand why folks with proven loads don’t want to change, but I would be happy to try the new design in the 143g/.284 Hunters. -Mike
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    Kuiu Icon Pro 5200

    This is a steal, if you're wanting a large modular pack!
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    6.5 Sherman SS Build

    Call Wyatt's and get his opinion. 541-776-8417
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    Remington 700 Long Range 300 RUM

    I put a Wyatts on mine with centerfeed box. Gives you 2 rounds in the magazine and feeds perfectly. Downside is you have to load it through the bottom. Works for me.
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    Salt Bath Annealing

    I've used this setup for a couple of years now and it works great. Make sure to keep water/moisture away from molten salt, or you get a hot salt bath (not much different than molten lead). I'm told the fumes are a dangerous inhalation hazard, so use with adequate ventilation. Supposedly it is...
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    Remington 700 Long Range 300 RUM

    approximately 750 rounds. Couldn't reach the lands.
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    Remington 700 Long Range 300 RUM

    I bought one and had my smith look at it. He doesn't have high regard for factory barrels, but said shoot it and see what It does. I had him polish the rough factory chamber and add a muzzle brake. The thing shot 1/3 MOA @300 yds. with Berger 215's, 89.6 grains H1000 2950 fps. this was the most...
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    28 Nosler 195 Berger’s and Retumbo

    I don’t know if that’s too slow... speed matters, but I don’t Chase any more. I burned up a a fine shooting 300 RUM barrel in 700 rounds trying too many bullets and powders. Just curious about temperature. I’ve read about folks having problems with Retumbo when it gets really cold.
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    28 Nosler 195 Berger’s and Retumbo

    How cold was it when tested those loads?
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    Bertram 28 nosler brass

    I’ll take the last 100
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    7mm Bullets-7mm Bullet Lot - ALL SOLD

    How much for just the Bergers?
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    Help with Powder Selection

    It was...until the Creedmoor became so popular
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    Does Moon Phase Impact Deer Movement?

    I think there may be more than one answer to this question. I live and mostly hunt in California.We typically don't have any weather events in the southern central valley. Usually it is dry and HOT. If you research the harvest stats you'll see the results for hunt zones D8, D9, and others are...

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