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    Leupold's customer service--Excellent...

    I have 4 Leupold scopes dating from 40 years ago to last year. After about 20 years of use I had to send my original which was a 2 x 7 in and had it back within two weeks. Only problem I have ever had with one - The screw on end at the end of the scope had come off in my scabbard and luckily...
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    Kill the wolf?

    In Alberta wolves have been open season for years and we still have too many. Some Counties pay a bounty for shooting them. We feel bad that they borrowed our problem and started it in Idaho and Montana We just wish they would open a Grizzly season so we wouldn't have so many out here on the...
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    Bullet suggestions for elk

    180 gr nosler partition will do an excellent job
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    I use 115 gr partitions in my 2506 and use it for elk also. Awesome caliber
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    Camp food ideas?

    Alberta hunter also We like to cook and have a long evening.we use fit h ovens and eat as good or better than at home. Roasts, steak cobblers etc
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    Which three must have calibers.

    22-250 2506 3006
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    What tire chains? carry any chains you want and can answer any questions you may have. We have bought several sets from them. Great service
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    Whether to use horse on DIY Colorado 3rd season elk hunt

    The first elk hunt I took my oldest son on when he was 15 we were on our horses and riding through the timber rode right into a herd of elk. A six point bull stood up from his bed about 30 feet from us. My son shot from off his horse with his 280 and the elk dropped. On foot we never would have...
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    Bi pod suggestion

    Several years ago I found a site by Varmint Al in which he had directions for making your own shooting stick. I made me one and since have made several for others. It works for shooting sitting or as a monopod when standing and also as a walking stick. If my rifle goes with me, then it goes also.
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    Caliber Selection Recommendations?

    Two of my boys shoot 7 mag composite stalkers. I shoot one in 2506. My 7 mag is the old Browning BBR which has been a great rifle. I'd recommend the 7 mag as it will do everything you need without the punishment of the 300.
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    How do you drag game out?

    These pictures should have been attached to the below reply
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    How do you drag game out?

    We use horses a lot. I'd rather ride than walk. We have quartered and packed moose out but usually just lash them on our home made game sled made from a plastic barrel and drag them out from the saddle horn. We quarter them if we need to. We also have a game cart that I made. It has one wheel...

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