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    Need Advice - 7mm Weatherby Magnum

    Good morning I am sorry, if I highjack this thread a little. I bought a used 7mm Wby. Mark V many years ago. It is a Japanese rilfe. I never got it to stabilize the bullets. At 100 yards, they would hit the target sideways. We tried various wby factory ammo, but still the same result. If I...
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    New barrel 4: Mk.V in 7mm Wby. Mag - length / twist / contour?

    Hi all, the bloo... rifle just will not shoot straight. Therefore: a new barrel is required, BUT which length, twist rate and contour? intended use of rifle: - red deer / fallow deer - <300 m (I know, it's not that LONG range) - >160 grain (copper) bullets - "mountains", e.g. Scottish...
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    what to do with a 7mmWby action ?

    Hi folks, I own a Wby Mk. V in 7mm Wby, which just will not shoot :( Therefore, I am considering rebarreling the action. The question is: what caliber? Criteria: - availability of factory ammo - max. .325 caliber - rather mid range - rather light quarry (<400 lbs.) thanks for...
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    Weatherby Mk.V twist rate?

    Dear all, could you perhaps help me with this: is it possible to identify the probable barrel twist rate from its serial number? I own a 7 mm Wby, which just does not stabilize the bullets. The serial number is H 240 8xx. It has been made in Japan. I was told the older barrels have...
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    Twist Rate and barrel contour 7mm Wby Mag?

    Dear all, please give me your advice concerning the right twist rate for 175 grain bullets in a 7mm Weatherby Magnum. My current barrel does not shoot well, so I will have to buy a new barrel. As I'll use the Mk V for red deer hunting in Europe, I will most often use bullets in the 160...
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    Passing thru Frankfurt with Guns

    I passed through Frankfurt 3 times with my rifle. Although I started in Hamburg, Germany to go to Scotland. If you can, you should check your rifle through to Namibia, so you do not have to handle it in Frankfurt. (That would be really difficult, as you would have to prove that you have a valid...
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    Stock comparison: Manners MCS-SL vs. MPI mountain rifle stock

    Dear all, I do own a "mountain" rifle with a surgeon short action and a manners MCS-SL stock. It is still rather heavy and i wondered if the MPI mountain rifle stock would be an alternative. Could someone help me with that question? thanks + best regards McStern
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    optimum Barrel length for 7mm-08

    My 7-08 has a 20'' barrel. For factory amunition too short (fireball) - plenty for handloads. Would go for 22'' next time. Luckily, a friend loaded plenty for me adapted to 20'' so all's well now. Cheers
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    7mm-08 vs. .338 Federal

    Dear all, many thanks again for all your input. Concerning the .325 WSM: two potential drawbacks as far as I can see: - standard short actions are mostly too slim, are they not? - short barrels (22'') are probably not the best thing to go for? thanks for your thoughts. M
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    7mm-08 vs. .338 Federal

    I did not go to IWA, but it's going to be a "custom" rifle. potential bases: - Sako 85 - Barnard action + LW barrel - Roedale avenger 2 + LW barrel - (maybe surgeon action, of which I own one in 7mm-08) cheerio, Michael
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    7mm-08 vs. .338 Federal

    Many thanks to you all. Maybe, I should re-iterate my question: I do already own a 7mm Wby. mag. so I do not want to go that way. I am looking for a nice little short cartridge (short barrel, short system) with not too much recoil but enough power for the bigger animals. The reason I am...
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    7mm-08 vs. .338 Federal

    Hi Guys, I know, you will not regard said calibers as being truly "long-range", but I'd still like to get your opinion. I do own a 7mm-08 and used it for everything up to 125 kg (red deer) to my complete satisfaction. For a new rifle I am considering a caliber with a bit more punch that will...

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