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    WTT MCM A5 LA bdl

    pm sent
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    Leupold Scopes...Do you trust them today?

    I'm also on the forum that you're talking about. I've had several Leupolds over the years without much trouble until I started turning turrets. My last two were VX5HD's and one of them wouldn't dial reliably. The other was acceptable but still not like it should be. So I sent both down the road...
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    Pricing for Rifle Scopes

    I highly recommend giving Doug a call. He's always been great to deal with. Plus with as many forums as he's on its clear that he wants to make sure he takes care of every customer
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    Cheap tactical scopes (MIL turret)

    Another vote for SWFA. You're not going to find their rock solid reliability in any other scope at that price range. They really are a bargain at their price
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    What is everyone favorite caliber for deer?

    My lifelong favorite has been 7mm-08 but I’ve been on a big 280AI kick lately
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    School Deer Day

    Not officially recognized but my kids always seem to be absent for the youth opener. I either let them lay out of school that day or go check them out of school. Some of the best education is outside a classroom
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    Trouble posting on classifieds.

    That’s a fairly common rule and a good one that helps cut down on spammers and scammers. I still don’t have my privileges either but several hunting and shooting forums I’m on have the same 10 post restrictions
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    What would you get for a binoculars non rangefinding?

    The Meopta Meopro’s are really good glass in that price range. I bought a set earlier this year and I’ve been nothing but impressed
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    What factory 7mm-08 rifle would you choose?

    I agree. I’d be looking at Tikka or Bergara. But the 24” on a 7mm-08 is going to be a little tricky to find due to them almost always being made at 22” for that caliber