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  • Dennis, there are pics on the ad. As I replied to another, will sell for $250.00+ ship. the price for the bracket. Build you Big Eyes from these and then resale them. Thanks, Pete 406-375-0050
    Can you send me some pictures of those Mini Big Eyes you have for sale?

    I would like to see a view from:
    The eye piece end
    The Objective end
    Looking down on to the top side of whole set up
    Looking down on to the bottom side of the whole set up
    The set up mounted to a tripod

    I have never seen a set up like you have there. I have a couple of Swarovski spotters that I want to turn into a set of Big Eyes and now I KNOW what I want to mount them with (a bracket system like yours are mounted in).

    Thanks X 1,000,000
    Dennis Adams
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