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    knight Disc 45 ml

    I shoot a 200 grain sst in front of three 50 grain pellets of triple 7 out of my disc extreme
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    What bow brand do you shoot

    Mathews z7
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    25-06 load

    whats everybodys fav loads for the 25-06 rem?
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    It has a 3-9x40 illuminated milldot scope on it. I can email pics of it. $675 tyd
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    SOLD/EXPIRED **SOLD**Marlin Guide Gun .450 Marlin

    Re: Marlin Guide Gun .450 Marlin any trades?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Howa 1500 (AR)

    I have a howa 1500 .223 with a bushnell sportsman 4-12x on it. 500 tyd
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    How to find b.c

    Thanks for the help
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    How to find b.c

    How do you find the B.C of a bullet?
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    Why no love for the A bolt?

    I just bought an Abolt 300wm with boss. Havnt shot it yet but I will try to get a report up tomorrow.
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    AR Whitetail

    Nice deer!!! What county was it shot in?
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    pig pic

    last years pig....140lbs the gun is a ruger 77 mark II vt .308
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    $2,500 Outfitted Antelope or Black Bear Hunt Giveaway Contest - Redbone Outfitters

    Re: $2,500 Outfitted Antelope or Black Bear Hunt Giveaway Contest - Redbone Outfitter enter me in the redbone outfitting contest!!!!!
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    T C Encore ???

    http:// this might help...
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    sniper books

    I just finished the book HOGs in the shadows!its an amazing book.whats everyones favorite long range/sniper book?
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    SOLD/EXPIRED .308 brass

    *SPF* I have 200 peices of once fired federal and htm brass it comes with 2 50 round plastic boxes.$40 tyd [email protected]

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