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    RIP Kelly McMillan

    We are lessened....
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    Burris AR Signature QD P.E.P.R. Scope Mount

    I figured someone would reply that has one....
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    Burris AR Signature QD P.E.P.R. Scope Mount

    I am a bit confused... I mounted a scope on an AR last week and took it to the range. It shot all over the target but the scope is a Leupy Mark 4 that I've been using to test rifles for accuracy for a couple of years now and I simply trust the scope. I took it to a friend to look over and he...
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    Len's 44 Mile Grand Canyon Adventure - March, 2021

    Naw... Youth is wasted on the young... They should have slowed down and appreciated the views more... LOL
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    Cooling a barrel 🤔

    I'm very impressed with this gadget based on what I've read on his website and have a couple of questions. How loud is it when it's running? I use electronic ear muffs when I shoot so I can hear and yet protect what little is left of my hearing from further damage and the sound of a loud fan...
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    Where are the Sierra GK bullets?

    I've made several purchases directly from Sierra lately and just discovered that they now have a way to see what bullets are in stock with a click of the mouse. Sierra says they're working around the clock to meet the greatly increased...
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    Is This Going To Be A Problem?

    FN stands for Fabrique Nationale and that's in Belgium. Here's some history and it probably pertains to your action or at least it is a good starting point for research.
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    Is it possible to launch a bullet over 2000mph?

    LOL.... Don't you know that FORD stands for First On Race Day? ;) I thought my Raptor was fast until I pulled up beside a Roush F-150 Nitemare! I asked if it was fast... He laughed and said it was waaaaaay faster than my Raptor. When the light changed he left me wondering what happened! WOW!
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    Fierce Edge vs Edge Carbon vs Fury Carbon Brass is easy to find.
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    So much for the bunny huggers protection of the wild animals being good for them... LOL Now we do it the old fashioned way... Like hunters have done since the dawn of time. ;)
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    Is it possible to launch a bullet over 2000mph?

    I never converted feet per second to miles per hour until recently when I was bored and googling around. I decided to convert 3000 feet per second to miles per hour and came up with 2045.455mph! Sounds a lot faster when we convert it huh? Golly gosh... That's even faster than my F-150...
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    Does a new scope company come out every week now?

    China and some other countries are manufacturing many products including scopes and you can buy direct from them and slap any old brand name on it you wish. If you want a perfect example of this then look at almost any product on Amazon and look at all the different brands of that product...
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    Is This Going To Be A Problem?

    You may have more than one issue here. You might not only have rings that aren't aligned with each other which will mean that they will immediately put torque on the scope barrel and probably dent the tube voiding the scope warranty but you will likely have the scope pointing no where near the...
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    Len's 44 Mile Grand Canyon Adventure - March, 2021

    Len, Your photography is stunning and I/we really appreciate you sharing. LDH
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    Remington ammo plant is finally open hopefully this helps shortage .

    So who shoots Remington ammo amongst us? I certainly don't.... LOL I guess it will take some of the pressure off some of the other manufacturers who make better ammo anyway.