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    SOLD/EXPIRED WTS: Dillon Square Deal B for 9/40/10/38/357/45 with extras

    Looking to sell my Square Deal B setup. This includes everything you need to get going in 9mm, .40/10mm, 38spl/357mag, and 45ACP. All caliber changes are mounted on additional toolheads for faster change out. Includes all parts for small and large primer setups, as well as an extra primer...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Who has Retumbo?

    The Dale City show is this weekend I do believe.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Who has Retumbo?

    I think I saw an 8lb'er at the Fredericksburg show. Definitely lots of 1lb. Mac's reloading out of VA Beach I think). He's at all the shows around here and his prices are good compared to most places.
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    SOLD/EXPIRED RCBS 300 win mag dies $25

    PayPal? If so I'll take them. PM inbound