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    fusion quality

    Anyone out there with firsthand experience with Fusion built ( not second party kit build ) products. Looking at their Standard Hunter Tactical in 10 mm. Any input pro or con appreciated.
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    more cold weather hammock questions

    Asking those experienced hammock users. Once outfitted with all needed insulation,tarp and accessories( bridge type hammock) for cold weather use, is there an actual weight savings over a lightweight tent and bag kit?. Is there an actual" ease of use" improvement and /or a comfort improvement...
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    243 Ackley.

    I shot 243 ack's at paper for a few years through turned neck chambered barrels and had very good luck using a Lee standard 243 Win collet die to resize the neck, a Redding ack body die to bump the shoulder when needed and a Redding ack comp seater to seat. The Lee collect die allows you to...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED LEFT HAND Rem 700 SA Bolt for sale

    I'm new to this form of communication so forgive me if its already stated but i s the lh,sa bolt still available

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