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    Loads for 7mm rem mag??

    I know each gun is different....but when I started reloading for my new Sendero 7RM, I tried Retumbo, H1000 and would get so so groups. Then "MudRunner2005" recommended 7828SC and it worked great. At the time this was with 168 VLDs. It worked great. The 180s are the on the edge for a the...
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    HAS anyone found a powder that will reasonably shoot the 180 berger VLD bullets????

    N570.....with your twist, the 195 elite hunters would also shoot amazing. The 180s will be screaming jjw ND
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    195’s in a SAAMI chamber

    I have not noticed any temp issues. I only get about 3 or 4 shots with the Nosler brass and the pockets our to loose. For the few I shoot in this gun that is not an issue. I use 180 VLDs in my 7RM with N570 and they do just as well. I am after a bullet that is accurate. It is up to me to...
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    195’s in a SAAMI chamber

    This is a few years old....but I kill several elk with this gun and load every year. jjw ND
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    Need a new 7 STW load

    You will love N570. 76 is good starting charge. I ended up closer to 80. You will gain speed over Retumbo. jjw ND
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    What ia the best long range scope you have used ?

    A 20 yrd or less shoot through a 7x scope with a 35mm maintube might have a better/bigger sight picture/ field of view over that tiny 1" main that Nikon 6.5x had I sure noticed a huge improvement going from a VX3 6.5x with a 30mm main. For me....the 35x on the high-end really helps on plus...
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    What ia the best long range scope you have used ?

    Mark5 7-35 100 moa dial Crisp clean image all the way to 35x 35mm main tube Starting to love the Impact 60 reticle's a lot of scope for the $$$ jjw ND
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    Ruger Precision Rimfire

    Wish they would release a 17WMR jjw ND
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    Who loves their 7mm STW?

    Greybull Precision...Wish I could get more of them. jjw ND
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    Who loves their 7mm STW?

    I have been having crazy fun with mine.....
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    195 bergers

    Back to powder.....Retumbo, H1000 or my favorite N570 will all do amazing things with one of those being best in your gun. This is based on 195s out of STW. Pretty close to your RUM. jjw ND
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    35mm rings??

    Here is a Near Alpha one piece with a Mark5HD 7-35 on a Rem700. Its a work of art! jjw ND
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    Mk5hd vs NXS

    Maybe I not looking at the correct model but what I see is the NX8 line are 30mm main tubes whereas the Mark5 are 35mm. One of the most appreciated improvements when going from "older" scopes (1" and 30mm main tubes ) to the latest scopes (34mm and 35mm) is the improvement in field of view...
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    Hatch Bipod

    Like I was stable enough for a 500 yrd shot. I would rather have been probe but the sage prevented that. As long as your stable expectation is relative to any light weight bipod construction you will get in this class of will not be disappointed jjw ND
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    Hatch Bipod

    Hatch is amazing. I have used it several cow elk hunts in WY. Taken shots over 500 while sitting and over 600 when prone. Super fast to deploy. I also love the quick on and off. I usually keep it in my pack and add as needed given how quick it is to put on. jjw ND